Monday, June 25, 2007

Maybe it is just moi........

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I have an amusing little ditty to share, well at least it is amusing to me--- it has been said that my sense of humor is a tad to the left. To which I reply, why seriously, there hasn't been a Knitter out there that isn't a little, well strange if the truth be told. Just strange. (In an incredibly good way of course!)

I'm coming in today from the final bits of moving the contents of the storage facility to the basement. It is hotter than blazes and twice as humid, and to say that I'm perspiring gently would be an all out lie. LIE! I have not had the opportunity to pick up my knitting all day long, or even read a lovely knitting blog or two. I'm tense. My next door neighbor, who is delightfully new to the neighborhood is, bless her heart, just about the most naive thing you have ever met. When she moved in she told me that she "hailed from a town like Mayberry". Generally speaking, I like Mayberry, it is a lovely place to visit and that Opie sure is a cute kid. Mind you, I live in the city in an historic neighborhood, a 100 year old home oozing with charm and all of the ensuing repair problems. I thought to myself when Andy's sister moved in, you come from a place so far removed from the Beaten Path it makes the sticks look well populated, why in the world would you move here? I repeat, it is the C.I.T.Y. But that is neither here or there. She looks at me today and says, "Wow, so what was the parade Sunday?" Mind you, the start of the parade is 3 blocks up so it is impossible not to miss. If you don't notice the bright and cheery floats you might turn your head for a 6 foot 5 gal with hairy legs, a red wig a fuschia ballgown and a tiara so tall and sparkly it makes Miss Universe feel neglected. My reply was concise, and I thought well to the point. "Pride." And her reply was even more to the point........... "I don't get it". Yup, Mayberry. Bless her heart (did I already say that?) "Yes hon, Pride, you know, Gay Pride? The parade is this time every year, thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life descend on the neighborhood to watch and have a great time. Why, even the Mayor himself always comes with the Fire Chief....the Macy's float, the Whole Foods folks delivering water and snacks as they pass on the route, wonderful stuff!" And (I know I am being really repetitive but I simply must say it again) Bless Her Heart, her response was, "I don't know what that means." Did this woman fall off the turnip truck? Seriously, I am flummoxed. With a smile and great gentleness, "You know, men and women who love other men and women?" This was met with a totally blank stare. My neighbor has children, I am assuming that she understands the fundamentals of procreation and has perhaps once seen Will and Grace or Ellen, can it be a really big stretch? I think so. I tried to make her understand, and I really think I might have succeeded. At least I hope so. It does make me wonder because I introduced myself before she actually moved in and gave her the Cliff Notes. Now of course, I think she believes that two librarians live here (I'm too old and out of shape to be a gym teacher). No telling what she thinks of the other domestic partners in the neighborhood.

It's completely okay; next year she will be there front and center wearing an equality t-shirt and commenting on how really, really good the drag queens look. I will maintain then as I maintain now, this woman does NOT knit. Or if she wields the needles at all she only knits scarves and they're probably all acrylic. Bless her heart.

The halfa' baby sweater in the herb garden.... just brushing up against the sage and the rosemary smells so wonderful!

My baby sweater in progress is ready to go on holders now and the other half is soon to be cast on. It is sweet as pie and I think I might have to let my dog prance around the house in it (she has been looking so wistfully at it) and the baby would NEVER know! Right? I have to put it in gear, regardless of my day working like a bloody stevadore----- July 1st is coming and Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi Shawl is going to be cast on for the new year of monthly challenges with the group from the mind of Kelley Petkun. If you haven't seen that shawl it makes a baby sweater look like my next door neighbor's scarf. All together now.............. bless her heart.


hapagirl said...

Wow...and I thought I had been sheltered. Must not have had cable dishes where she came from.
If you do dress up your dog, take pictures! The baby won't know or care. :-)

tina said...

Well first of all, I hope no one took me as being mean spirited or anything. I really didn't mean to be.

And I will absolutely put my dog in the baby sweater, why not!!!!!