Monday, June 25, 2007

Knitting Proud

What I really wanted to do Sunday morning was to sit inside curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and my baby sweater and just knit the world away. The skies were a bit gray and the weatherman (who never lies, right???) said that the day should be mostly dry. So, I put my knitting aside and got dressed to walk a few blocks with my partner and about 50,000 of my closest friends to watch the annual Pride Parade here in St. Louis. 10 a.m ---blitters.......... the crowd thickened, people were drinking, and party was the order of the day. Having left my 20's behind more than a couple of years ago let's just say that I am far less of a partier than I used to be (hence the desire to sit and knit instead of guzzling Hurricanes long before Noon!). The parade began with a few sprinkles that quickly turned into a deluge. I am not enchanted with standing in a downpour let me tell you, it was just hard to have a good time. I assure you that I would have spent far less time on my hair if I would have known that it would soon be dripping wet. As the parade passed the sad tissue paper floats were drooping and the hand-lettered signs were running--- although not quite as much as the pancake makeup on the flamboyant drag-queens. Poor Things. (Which I have to tell you was pretty funny!) After I was sufficiently wet, and frankly more than a little bit cranky, the rain stopped and the parade finished. All in all it was a wonderful parade, lots of people having a great time and enjoying Pride.

I came home after a late lunch with friends and sat with my knitting at a barbeque............ ahhhhhhhhhhh. It was such fun to sit and chat, laugh and enjoy the early evening with socks in my hands.

I'd been thinking of the blog and then happened upon Amy's blog over at Knitty,
also with a Pride theme! It just blew me away------- June is Pride month after all, and happy Pride to all. It is the most wonderful thing to be part of the knitting community, we are a wonderful collage of stitches and all of us deeply appreciate and understand that we're all important and respected.

Very cool indeed.

I won't be knitting a lot today, but moving stuff from the storage unit to the re-organized basement. I figure all the money saved on the storage facility can better be spent on yarn! :) That is my reality as I head out the door on this hot and humid day. I'll be thinking of knitting anyway, and later on that cup of tea and my needles will call my name.

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hapagirl said...

Sorry you had crappy weather for the parade. Next year, come out here to SF. It was a beautiful day!