Sunday, January 30, 2011

Storm of Epic Proportions---

The weather pundits have all of STL worked up to a froth...... mondo storm on the way, lay in supplies, fill the car, good grief it is going to be horrendous. It either will or won't be. I follow my Mom's rules: Fill a couple of jugs with water, buy a fresh jar of peanut butter, make sure you have bread and a bottle of Southern Comfort. I choose not to go the SoCo route as it doesn't work for me but I will admit I can make a martini if need be. My rules include having plenty to knit (check) and my Nook loaded (almost check).

I've chosen NOT to work today (yay) and the sleeves are up to 16 inches, 3 more inches (run screaming) and they will begin shaping (less stitches for the non-knitly). Still holding firm about not casting on for the Eiffel until the sleeves are about done. I'd like to hold out until the cardi is done but a girl can only hold out so long!

Loading the Nook has come down to trying to decide what I really want to read. An excellent mystery, something moving and spiritual, or a deep biography. All have their own merits and I really can't decide.

So, (sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies):
On I knit.
Sleeves that is.
Two Sleeves.
*fill in the next round your own sleeve exhausted verbiage-----

We shall soon see whether or not the weather turns history making, or wimps out. I'm hoping for Big Wimp.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A foot of sleeves

one foot------- 12 inches. Now, I know that if I were doing one sleeve at a time, I'd be done. More than done. But the two sleeve at a time knitting has reached the INTERMINABLE phase. As in, dear gravy I'm sick to bits of these sleeves please can I be done with this cardi? PLEASE?

Patience while not being one of my virtues is once again being tested. That and sheer willpower, also not a strong suit.

7 more inches of sleeves until they're almost done, the shaping looks like it goes pretty fast. But I placed a marker on SATURDAY when I actually had a weekend to devote to my sleeves. Since Saturday I have only put 3.6 inches on the sleeves. Using the "yeah but you're knitting both at once" theory, that loosely translates into 7.2 inches. Reaching still further I put forth the supposition that if I remain in my pajamas boldly knitting on without going to work or putting much needed food in the house-------- I'd be done with the sleeves in 2 days.

Seeing how I do need to get to work, and it is a killer of a week on tap, that I have no food in the house and really, I can't knit in a truly productive way: the sleeves may have a bit of plodding progress. The truth always hurts.

My goal is to get the sleeves to the shaping phase BEFORE I cast on for the Eiffel Tower shawl. Really.

Isn't she gorgeous? Yum......... and in that beautiful sterling yarn? That I have re-swatched for (yes three swatches for a SHAWL) and changed my mind about needle size.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Swatching ---- Check

Don't tell anyone but the season hockey tickets stayed in the drawer last night------ I just couldn't go out! We picked up about 6 inches or snow (give or take) and even with shoveling done and the car cleaned off it was a much better idea last night to watch the game on the telly from the comforts of home. And the beer is cheaper!!

I don't knit at the games for some inexplicable reason so last night I did get swatching done of the City Tweed HW.

I think to be fair I am going to have to wash and block the swatch----- so I don't cheat. Perhaps maybe sort of could be----- it will work on size 11 needles and the yarn tripled. I have been known to push and pull when it comes to measuring anything, much less an important swatch, I will promise myself to be brutally honest and even re-swatch if necessary.

Horrible thought that!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day!

White Stuff. Lots of it. First stop this morning was coffee. Second stop was assessing if I'd have to shovel a path for the dogs. I didn't. They didn't go far, I'd say about 6 inches of snow and you know I really don't like it. Do not think for one second that I'm not grateful every single day that I frequently have the opportunity to work from the comforts of home----- on days like today, even as pretty as it is, I'm just pretty dip-dog thrilled not to have to be out in it!

Head down and working the Snow Schedule at Casa Contessa means no need to take off your jammies (okay, so that is not so different from any other day working from home)----- but with great effort and concentration clear the desk so that at least part of the day can be spent in the goofing off-ness that means Snow Day.

Waiting for me when I got home yesterday was a package of YARN. Perfect timing! 3 skeins to knit and 1 ball to swatch...

Gorgeous, I'm crazy about the color. It's Knit Picks Gloss Lace in "sterling". The color is pretty accurate above, it's a little gray, a little silver a little blue. Going to make a fabulous shawl.

The shawl of choice? As usual, I'm bringing up the rear and will knit the "Eiffel Tower Shawl" by Natalie Servant. The big one! The shawl is inspired by the "lace like details on the Eiffel Tower". Yum. It spoke to me the first time I saw it.

The swatching? Knit Picks City Tweed HW in "habanero". With plans to be in Santa Fe for the early '11 holiday season there is a sweater I'm hot to knit------ and I'm hoping that with a little tweak and twaddle I can make this yarn work, maybe doubled. As much as I hate to swatch for this project and the yarn sub, I'll be swatching indeed. Hopefully it won't be an arduous process.

Shoveling was pretty down and dirty------ a path out the back, clean off the car, boom. The front, not shoveled, sorry mailman. The knitting begins.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday already?

How did it get to be Monday already? And a Monday AFTERNOON? Unspeakable how the time evaporated!

Sadly, after having a great time at knitting last week with the girls I got sick. AGAIN! Can you believe it? First a cold, then a cold before I was 100% and then the flu. And I mean the flu like I haven't had in over 10 years, it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. So not only did I lose the balance of the week but I'm exhausted. To my toes. Ridiculous.

Huge wedding show yesterday, we're down to just one (thank God) a year, and that was the show from yesterday. We scaled down but it's still a consuming task. One which involves dedicating time, effort and energy to the Bride, one of the most difficult members of our species on a regular basis.

I was so sick that I did not knit a stitch, did not sew a thing, absolutely nothing was created--- pretty sad. When feeling better I did have a great idea that I made notes for. Getting back to those notes revealed to me that I must have been smoking crazy stuff or something because I'll just have to go back and try and reconstruct my wisdom---- that ever happen to you? Geez.

I'm back, I have tons of stuff to do although I'm moving through the list as quickly as possible. Why is it that crossing things off a list feels so profoundly delicious? Sometimes I add things to a list I know I can cross off just for the thrill of doing so.

Blog Updated: Crossed Off!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Briefly Empty Needles

Why YES...... those ARE empty needles above. My beloved Denise needles just sitting there. Empty. Tired. Smiling. And what might they be sitting on?

Looks like two finished cardi fronts to me! Yes and hallelujah the cardi fronts are finished and have joined the neatly folded cardi back in the bin of finished and waiting-ness.
I am delighted beyond words to fill up those empty needles with the sleeves, the final bit of The Must Have Cardigan. I'll be knitting both at once and hope they fly!

Now..... any and all encouragement accepted to place the order for the yarn needed to knit Dogwood Blossoms, in green. Anyone?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting on with it----- sort of

Yes, I still feel nasty bad but there is always better living through chemistry. And clementines, lots of 'em. Add a nap here and there, chicken soup and the smell of green chili stew on the stove (where I contessa over it still in flannel jammies) that promises all good things.

I feel far better than I did, this gives me great hope. (ha!) So, while kicking some dust bunnies out of my way I dug out the camera and fired off a couple shots from the (horribly) wrecked creative space.

The photo below is just part of the mess on the cutting table, one gate leg up for added mess stackage:

The project in the works IS the glorious and completely adorable A Tisket A Tasket---- and 3 of the blocks are awaiting stitching and begin their first prance here:

C'mon, are these cute even unfinished or what? The background of all 12 8x8 blocks is the same and the fabric also from the same family, my beloved "Breakfast at Tiffany's" from Fig Tree Quilts.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled nap. Pushing on requires due diligence.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January------ I hate January

Here it is, January SIXTH------- I have no idea how we got here but I hope that the time flies until there are green leaves on the trees, the birds are singing sweetly and I'm knitting on the back porch in short sleeves!

The knitting injury is carpal tunnel. Bummer. I wear a brace when I'm at the computer for extended periods of time (which is most of my day). And I have still not knit a stitch since before Christmas. How sad is that???? The new Knit Picks catalog came yesterday and I must confess that the "Dogwood Blossoms" sweater (cardi) has sent me into High Want. The fact that I WANT to knit might indeed get me moving again, and of course I must finish the re-knit boat cover before I progress to something else.

And, dangit I'm sick again. No flu shot this year, man have I learned my lesson there. The doc yesterday said "ride it out" and sadly that is what I shall do. I am so lucky that I could cancel meetings today and can work from home. With my wrist brace, wearing pajamas and fuzzy socks. I know--- the mental picture is pretty hot! Back to back bouts with cold/flu have left me exhausted, just bone tired.

I hope you are feeling great, being very creative, and your weather is marvelous. One can hope!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Obligatory New Year Post

So, Happy New Year----- seems like you have to get that one out of the way. Personally I hope that 2010 gets the full impact of my pointiest shoes up its butt on the way out the door. Good riddance to bad rubbish!! May 2011 bring only the best, the brightest the healthiest, the most light and loving!!

Knitterly gift exchange this afternoon----- at Yo-El's house. Much fun was had by all. A little pot luck a little gifting, all wonderful. Did I mention great food and companionship?

What'd I get you ask? The most gorgeous necklace handmade by a knitter's mom in rhodolite and garnet and pearl. Yummy, I'll wear it often! Photographing it means a neck shot---- and if you are a blitter of any longevity you know that ain't gonna' happen! Lexie----- I just love it! Very much appreciated ma'am!

My gift went to Emily, who is just the greatest. I made "Headband in Alaska"...(boring name, yes?).... with a bit of fiddle and fluff for gauge, using Berroco Ultra Alpaca tonal. Soft, not too soft, nice long color floats. It "came" in a 'doorhanger' bag------ the right size to hang on a doorknob---- to collect a project perfect for popping out the door with, of course! I think Emily was pleased and I was pleased that it went to her!

I absolutely love this photo of Emily laughing------ LOVE this shot, it makes me very happy! Check out her rockin' that happy green Citron scarflette! She's holding the bag and the snuggly headband, I hope it warms her on a cold STL day, of which we are far from seeing the end, no doubt!

New Years is past........ even the Winter Classic is over. It seems that we're quickly puttering on to "regular life" which makes me very sad. My week of wallow is almost over. The Christmas is 85% down and will be all but a memory by late morning tomorrow--- it's all good. My flannel jammies while valient and stalwart friends this past week must see a little less of me. The knitting injury is still acting up, I'm "cross training" while putting together a little quilt that has been on my craved list for awhile now--- A Tisket A Tasket. I'm doing in almost exclusively in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" from Fig Tree Quilts. Delicious, just delicious. I don't know if it will help my sore wrist heal but it sure is fun to concentrate exclusively on fabric.

Hope your 2011 is everything you could hope for--- and a whole lot more!