Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wild Bikini Knitting

I know the title of the post scared you. you thought this woman is always grousing about her neck, how totally scary will it be if she is knitting bikinis! C'mon! Happily I tell you that I am not knitting or wearing scanty swimwear. Frankly, I don't wear bathing suits if I can help it and certainly not in public. I was totally honored to have been asked to read and review a "knitter" book, "How to Knit a Wild Bikini" from Penguin Books. Very cool.

So I read it.

And I have to tell you I struggled, I have to say that it was not my favorite book and I feel kind of bad telling you that. More importantly though, I think I have to keep my integrity and be honest about it. Having said that YOU might like it a lot, really. As normal with books, it all boils down to genre. We can (and are) all different in many respects, and that is fine!

So, let's dish! I did love the knitter community in the book, "Malibu and Ewe"----- it was warm and happy and, well, knitterly. The female lead character, Nikki Carmichael, was engaging, funny, and real in a lot of ways. And she found knitting as a way to relax, unwind and be happy---- nothing wrong with that!

The things I did not like about the book are pretty simple--- and may in fact be the things you absolutely love when it comes to pleasure reading. I do not have a man in my life and do not want one....... reading about romantic and sometimes se*y stuff........... well, it just didn't do it for me. If you love romance books this might be something you just love! I'm going to pass it on to avid reader and knitter RMS----- she will give me the truth from her angle as well!

Author Christie Ridgeway does write a very cute blog---- and again, if I were more of a fan of the romance novel genre I think I'd be much more of a fan of the book. Based on pure 'style', Ms. Ridgeway is a very good writer and based on the number of books she has published a very successful one.

All in all, I'd give the book 3 out of 5 and the book is scheduled to be released early June, 2008. Again--- my personal opinion.

I'm just about finished with "Comfort Food", the soon to be released novel from Kate Jacobs---- Kate, Kate, Kate----- don't be nervous please, I really like "Comfort Food" a lot!

Now----- (smile) a lawn update!!!

A total stranger stopped me yesterday to tell me how gorgeous my lawn was. Why yes, it is! I mowed that baby 3 times last week and I think it will take 2-3 times this week as well. Good thing that pushing the little rotary mower gives me plenty of exercise! I was out front pruning back the ivy in the pots by the front stairs and pulling a few weeds that had the utter audacity to try and make an appearance in the flower bed.

From the knitting bride front------ here in the studio, we had one of the bridesmaids come in to hire us to shoot her wedding, always a nice compliment. The funny thing is that this future bride leaned over to me and said, "I would love to do a knitting picture with you!" That made me smile, and almost (almost!!!!) took away my shock and horror at the vacuum cleaner story of last weekend.

Lambe is still waiting for the lining to be stitched in. I just LOVE that bag! I've finished the top and the handles and can't wait to show it to you. Super cute! I am actually thinking that I'd like to knit it again as a gift. (Whispering quietly---- the holidays will be here before we know it, isn't that just sad???)

Is anyone out there really cranking out gifts yet? Do tell.............

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knitting Bride & Lambe Bag

It just wouldn't be wedding season without being able to feature some of my knitting brides. This is Ashley, isn't she pretty? Such a pretty bride! As with most of my brides, they know that at some point in their day they will hold my current knitting and enjoy it! Every single time without exception, they are just lovely about it! Ashley even asked when the knitting photo came? Made me laugh that girl did! Her dress was not a Vera Wang as our last few have been, but I have to say that she worked that dress as if it were. One of my very favorite things was her veil, a little shortie that was nice and full and beautifully beaded---- and she wore it with the blusher as she made her way down the aisle.

As someone who does the bride thing for a living I am a tough cookie, a little cynical around the edges and I don't easily get mushy. Having said that, a dad lifting the veil for that end of the aisle kiss pretty much does it for me every time. In the photo above the dad and bride practiced this quite a few times, it was funny/sweet/cute all at the same time.

So pose with knitting she did, -- for Mrs. Lear--- we're outside the Muny next to the box office and the temperature is a cool 67 degrees.

My bride totally rocked Lambe didn't she????? As you can see from the photo the lovely bag was nearing completion.

We shall not discuss the cable faux pas either. I was working on it in the back of the church, driving to and from the brides home and on location and quite frankly I fluffed it. The solution, along with the finished bag (which is dang cute) will follow on the next post.

So here is what really got me, and I am to be commended by all of you for not kicking a particular bridesmaid in the shins. These girls are mid 20's, career girls, well educated and I thought them to be quite evolved. After the last knitting bride photo was snapped and I thanked the bride, I take Lambe from her and am walking to the bench to put it back into my bag. This ignorant little miss says (loudly) "Hey----- all you need to go with that knitting is a vacuum cleaner!" WHOA!!!!!!!! See what I mean? She did deserve a kick in the, well you know.

Spring here in St. Louis has taken another hiatus, there was frost in the outlying valleys last night. Thankfully my peonies and roses were not affected, that would make me cranky! I'm up to my ears at the studio and want nothing more than to go into the sewing room and putter a bit. At the very least I think I will get Lambe finished up, I'm modifying the handles and lining it so it will take just a bit more time.

Hope your part of the world is far warmer than it is here!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paducah--- Day Three- Winners and Wrap Up

Well, last post during out field trip to the 24th AQS Quilt Show in Paducah we had just finished lunch and had a nice stroll, a yummy iced chocolate raspberry coffee and done a little shopping. We'd wandered back to the building and were getting ready to enjoy the quilts for one last time before it was time to head back. I'd really like to be home before dark and I know the dogs are wondering where we are!

I don't have ALL of the award winners, sadly. MOST of them----- but not all. If I don't have them, that doesn't mean they weren't great---- okay?

In The Bed Quilt, Group-Mettler category--- a second place to "Tropical Splendor" from The Feather Princesses, the Tampa Chapter of the Applique Society. Love the name of the group, amazingly well executed and fab-u-lous. This is another really happy quilt..... and some of the pieces are beensily teeny! These girls are either quite young or they have the big two for old broads, Magnification and Illumination!

"Shadows of Umbria" won the Bernina Machine Workmanship award---- easy to tell why hmmmm? This would look SOOOOOOO good in my house that I think that winner Diane Gaudynski should give it to me just because. After all, we did wash out hands together in the ladies room! This quilt was really amazing, color, accuracy---- depth, texture--- wonderful!

Gammill Award winner, "Spirit of Mother Earth" was quilted to an inch of it's life, and yet every single stitch seemed to be needed----- y'know, some machine quilted pieces are maybe a tiddle over done??? This was was true perfection!

This is the "Mother Earth" Back--- is it not absolutely amazing?????? It would take me a very long time to be this proficient in machine quilting no matter what machine I used! (If ever!) The backs of my quilts have never been the strong point, to even think that it might be hung so you could see both sides----- that'll get your attention!

Moda Best Wall Quilt winner Gloria Hansen created "Blushing Triangles"---- it was exquisite! While it is intriguing in photograph, you have to trust me that in person it was just perfection in details, the quilting was beensy!

It was super crowded when I was around the mini quilts, I'm sorry that the shots are not more detailed, I was just way over people at this point! You can see the detail of these mini's in perspective to the full sized people standing in front of them!

Check out this mini! It was jaw dropping in its' complexity! Truly beautiful, I can't even imagine how many hours were in this piece---- not to mention how in the world it was executed!

Judges recognition award sponsored by Possibilities: Sharyl Schlieckau and Libby Leman. The feathered stars just sparkled on the black background.

Hand Workmanship was beautifully traditional, and elegant at the same time. The quilt artist was Barbara Newman and this quilt is "Stardust". Loved it! I do tend to be a sucker for the 'classics' and this was classic and much, much more!

I'm very upset with myself that I don't have better notes on this quilt! Really, I'm so sorry! My notes say that is is the Best Wall Quilt--- but I am just not certain! If anyone has the show book and can correct me, please do, I just hate not to give credit where credit is due!

And without further ado----- drumroll please------the Best of Show Award 2008-------

"Spring of Desire" by Ted Storm-vanWeelden from the Netherlands. It is stunning! It's amazing really--- and hard to see from many angles---- the variegation of the black fabric and the intricate detail----- wow. Even if you don't love it---- you have to admit that it is different-unique-incredible-and just wonderful!

The big winners covered, I'll close with a quilt that just grabbed me for one reason or another. I love this quilt! I love the circle in the squares, I love the black and white check borders, I love the colors---- pretty isn't it?

And on the way to the car, we cut through the hotel for one last look (okay, it was really to buy more purse feet from Tammy Tadd)----- and you have to look at the Quilted Fashions! They were really fabulous! Entered for the 22nd annual AQS/Hobbs Bonded Fibers Fashion show ere great threads from amateurs as well as professionals. I only wished I had been able to have seen the show instead of just enjoy the mannequins!

Are you beat? Thirsty and a little hungry? Is your head swimming from such an abundance of creativity, color, and ideas? It is kind of like being fed a drink with a firehose!

Well, my feet hurt---------- and I am tired. My wallet did very well, actually I only overspent by 20 dollars which I don't mind telling you is record breaking! Woo Hoo! Since I am such a good girl, I think it is only fair to stop and buy a little treat from the bakery with the cute window! Kirchhoff's Bakery has the most wonderful delights! I scored a few cookies and some bread for a snack later.

Don't you just love the deli/bakery truck? Perfectly set into this wonderful small 'antique' town!

Now, let's head for home. We're going to add a half hour onto the trip by getting off the highway and taking the scenic small town way--- I love that! But first, because a field trip would not be complete without taking in a KNITTING SHOP---- let's stop there!

With Ewe in Mind------ out of the way for us, but that is okay! I had picked up a little flyer and it said that if you popped in you could select a needlepoint threader or knitting needle point protectors. Naturally I selected red protectors from the jar. It was very kind of them to extend a little freebie treat to knitters! The shop was great, they had a lot of wonderful knitted garment samples and particularly one from Berrocco that I was in love with! Please don't ask me the name Norah, I'm way too tired at this point to tell you what it was called--- although I could point at it in a book if pressed! :)

Yummy colors, and nice high end yarn! I wanted it all and even if I was not over budget (albeit slightly) I have promised NO MORE until I knock out the three wip's.

Okay--------------- time to go home. Let's drive through Sonic for a jumbo sugar free Cherry Limeade, okay? Delicious--------------- we can enjoy it with our cookies from the bakery.

Until next year.................... Paducah was GREAT! I had a fantastic time. Hope you did too!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Paducah---- Day Two

Following on from yesterday's field trip, heading to the 24th annual AQS Quilt Show in Paducah Kentucky------------------ let's get out of the building, enjoy the gorgeous day, and walk a little bit. The difference is that it will be a bit of open space, fresh air, and definitely less people in a concentrated space! I don't want to sound like a misanthrope or anything but I can only handle so many people for so long!

Must be time for lunch, look at all those people! You can't even see the people in the back of the shot, eating underneath what is the hotel, there are tables set up in the parking part of the lot. Looks like lots of good food, and long lines! I have never ventured further for food than the collection of fast foods gathered here just off-site, let's walk into the historic part of town instead!

Walking towards the National Quilt Museum you pass the sidewalk with the quilters bricks--- and quite a few of them. Many are from a quilt guild and several honor a quilter who has passed. What a great legacy! I love the brick above "Be happy, quilt"! The truth right there, set in brick!

Here we are at the Quilt Museum............. a rather unassuming building housing some of the most noteworthy quilts from the past (and recent past).

The "Honoring Today's Quilter" sits above the entrance to the museum. I've been before, it is $6.00 to enter the museum (normally $8) and I can't photograph in there so we will just head on down the road. If you make the trip, a stop at the museum is a must do however, and the gift shop is excellent including many of AQS book titles. The website is great and does have photos of some of the quilts inside, plus some added last year.

When you walk or drive through town almost EVERY business in town as well as on the outskirts has a 'welcome quilters' sign and are offering specials. Look, a quilter's buffet for $8---- but let's keep walking.

What a pretty fountain sitting in a lovely shaded courtyard------------ and the people here are SO nice at the door! A darling restaurant and totally charming staff?? That is a done deal, let's eat! (Oh please, let's eat!)

Who wouldn't want to eat here? Toucan! The menu is awesome and I'm starving, to be honest it is hard to choose! Soups, salads, great entrees------- what to do, what to do????? The prices are very reasonable and really, you can come and eat in a lovely atmosphere, be seated and relax for the price you would pay in the hot and crowded food court. There are (sadly) no fried twinkies on the menu but I think we can move past that! My partner (in crime) decided on a burger and onion rings (with a little bbq on the side) and I chose the blackened barramundi sandwich, a yummy fish. Casey, aka Adorable Waiter, said it was his favorite sandwich as well and I knew he wouldn't lead me astray!

Look!!!! After bringing us sweet iced tea, our adorable and excellent waiter Casey is bringing lunch! I can't wait! Casey IS cute as pie isn't he? It's almost hard to focus because there in his hand, on those fabulous plates, is LUNCH!

It tastes as good as it looks---- and even better! Delish blackened fish served with a spicy mayo and the salsa of mango. Homemade chips even------ how good is that???? I could just inhale it!

Now, completely stuffed, rested, refreshed and relaxed---- time to push on! I hate to leave the ambiance of the outdoor courtyard of Toucan, but there is shopping to be done and more quilts to see!

I'm ready to do some more exploring this lovely part of town and do some more shopping! This cute building on Kentucky housed several vendors---- as did several of the old buildings around town. In the back of this building I bought the cutest necklace made of buttons in the peach to taupe family--------- darling (and $10!) You know better than to ask to see it, it involves those pesky neck shots and all! I think I will wear it while I bride wrangle tomorrow!

I LOVE the cow wearing the quilt------ she (he?) makes an appearance every year in town. There are apparently no issues with the cow neck being photographed. I kind of hate that! Let's be serious, there is just nothing more festive than a patchwork festooned bovine!!!!

The windows are almost all decorated with something 'quilty'---------- and I have to say that I appreciated all of them but the one above had to be my total favorite! Is she a HOOT? The detail was just incredible!

She even has pearls on while she has her coffee! Too cute!

Let's run in for a quick cup of coffee, okay? The coffee of the day is chocolate raspberry, let's have it iced in a go cup while we wander. Yum!

Even the bakery has this incredible cake in the window---- love it!!! The little 'sign' on the cake says "Quilt City"!

Yes indeed, "Welcome to Quilt City"! This whole town opens its' arms and it IS a city of quilters for the week! I love the 'outside' of the convention center as much (if not more) than inside the site itself! But for now, it is time to head back, see the big prize winners and maybe squeeze in just a little more shopping.

Many lucky quilters are here for more than just a daytrip-----

Above is the board of classes going on during the show---------- maybe next year, I'd love to take some of these great offerings! I've not been in class with Charlotte Angotti since Quilt Hawaii------ and I'd love to take a class from Jan Krentz and Bettina Havig! The list of teachers this year was very extensive:
  • Alex Anderson
  • Charlotte Angotti
  • Bobbie Aug
  • Eleanor Burns (who has a great storefront in town)
  • Carol Burke
  • Rachel Clark
  • Susan Cleveland
  • Beverly Dunivent
  • Lisa Erlandson
  • Nancy Finkler
  • John Flynn
  • Cathy Franks
  • Gail Garber
  • Klaudeen Hansen
  • Bettina Havig
  • Ann Hazelwood
  • Suzanne Hyland
  • Mary Kerr
  • Rami Kim
  • Jan Krentz
  • Michele LaRue
  • Linda Baxter Lasco
  • Libby Lehman
  • Suzanne Marshall
  • Linda McDuean
  • Angie Moody
  • Laura Murray
  • Kay Nickols
  • Nancy Prince
  • Mary Ray
  • Becky Rogers
  • Patricia Rodgers
  • Londa Rohlfing
  • Gerald Roy
  • Marie Seroskie
  • Margo Shaw
  • Joan Shay
  • Sarah Ann Smith
  • Helen Squire
  • Gabrielle Swain
  • Ricky Tims
  • Barbara Vlack
  • Virginia Walton
  • Pat Yamin
Whew! You KNOW those were great classes, like I said, maybe next year! On to more quilts!

Back inside the main building------ do you LOVE this quilt????? It is "Fairies at the Bottom of My Garden" by Joyce Hughes. The color, the detail and the spirit was really lovely!

You know I am all about anything Parisian!!! If I were still living in Hawaii I'd say "Cute, ya'?" I just got a kick out of it and thought that it might look quite chic in my French inspired ladies room. "Tour Eiffel" was created by Ann Wasserburger.

No photos from one of my FAVORITE booths---- (I do try to be very respectful and not shoot inside a vendors booth---) Tammy Tadd Designs! It was pink and green adorableness, happy as can be, full of great designs, and for the purse wh**e like me, near perfection! I came home with a pile of lovely fabrics that you will no doubt watch in progress, a pattern, some purse feet, some fabulous extra wide rickrack trim, some purse handles, and probably more that I really don't want to discuss. You can find Miss Tammy online, and she even has a great blog! Dear Tammy and Staff, how do I love thee??????

And it has become painfully obvious that I have lied to you! We're going to have to extend the Paducah field trip another day so we can be all fresh and perky to view the big show winners and dish a little!

More day three!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Road to Paducah--- Part I

Oh my gracious gravy goodness! (That sounded really old, didn't it?? HA!) The much anticipated trip to Paducah is over and done with, it was so much fun! I had the best trip EVER to Paducah, and it not only continues to be my number one quilt show/market pick in the good old US of A but it was even better than trips past!

Before I go any further, y'all are going to ask me why I think Paducah is the best and I'll give you my opinion (which of course you may place do with whatever you like). I think that Paducah is the friendliest city where a quilt show is held, hands down! Paducah folk are kind, helpful, cute as pie, and they even have sweet tea for pete's sake! The town itself is clean and safe, full of history and wonderful architecture. I can't say the same for Houston, sorry. The area around the convention center is a little dicey and the city itself holds no comparison to Paducah. In terms of quilts themselves, I think while the shows at other venues are very nice and wonderfully inspiring, Paducah is consistently top shelf. The 20K best of show prize is certainly an indication not to mention the fact that this IS the home of the National Quilt Museum.

Normally, I go to Paducah on a Friday, never ever on opening day. Watching the weather however, yesterday (Wednesday) was the best of the days and it was a fantastic pick. The day came with such eagerness I almost didn't mind getting up at 5:30 to get ready to hit the road. Fortified with a travel mug of Irish Breakfast tea properly Splenda'd and creamered, camera and partner in tow we were on the road! Woo Hoo-------------

Would you like to take a road trip to Paducah???? Sure you would, come on........... let's hit it!

I'm not even going to bore you with the wind up shots--------- when you have quilts to look at, who needs to see feet on the dashboard? Just know that as we passed over the Mississippi River we were amazed and shocked to see that the river was still so high! Farmland was still very much underwater.......... and what had receded was near quicksand. Several of the ferries along the river are still closed down. We will stop for a tinkle break and a nice sweet tea en route and plan on arriving in just under three hours. I can't wait!

Look---- we have arrived at Quilt Mecca! THE AQS Quilt Show!!! Parking wasn't even too bad this year, we found a great (and free) spot on the street about 3 blocks away. Just a couple clouds in the sky and the temperature is in the mid 70's, fantastic! C'mon, let's pay our $11 and go in!

Wow, the 24th annual----- I wonder what is on tap for the 25th anniversary? Bet it will be something really special.

The doors are open!!!! That looks like a lot of people, but trust me, it is the very teensiest tip of the iceberg! The main Expo Hall has vendors around the perimeter and the award winning quilts are in the center of the room along with probably 1/3 of the entered quilts in aisles. Before I go in I have to stop at the ladies room------ where you can actually rub elbows with the likes of Diane Gaudynski, she is an award winner you know and I'm always gratified to know that she uses the tinkle parlor too! Last year I stood in line for Burritos with Ricky Tims and now I wash my hands next to Diane Gaudynski------ another brush with greatness!

Once you enter the hall (and the quilt show spills out into the adjacent space in the center, through the hotel, into the basement and out into the town!!) you just can't even feature how many people are here. ZILLIONS OF THEM.

Most of them got here on THIS:

Big ole' buses, and lots and lots and lots of them. I traveled to Paducah by bus one year and while it was fun and we did stop at Cracker Barrel and all, I just like the ability to call my own schedule. Looking around, I'd have to say that those that did not arrive in the comfort of a bus came driven by their retired husband. There were a herds of them hanging around in various states of discomfort. Please don't get me started on baby strollers.

Just one of the aisles.............. lots of people.

Lots and lots of peeeeeeooooooooooooooooople. Many of whom have checked their brains at the door. I know, this is Paducah, this is the bigtime and we are all here to oogle quilts, shop and visit and chat and have a big old time, I'm all about it..................... but I do really feel that one should clear the damn aisles if possible. Think about where you stop, pull over if you can. We were stopped on a stairwell (about 40 quilters) when a group of ladies just stopped in the middle to chat. Seriously. Beep Beep.

Hey! It is John Flynn! I love John, his work is impeccable and that man can machine quilt on that invention of his to the moon and back! I actually purchased the Flynn system many years ago and discovered that I was too impatient and too klutzy to make a go of it. I don't remember who ended up with it. Watching John quilt with it is poetry in motion!

This is FAR more like it, and of course I want one!

Longarms have come such a long way since their inception I just can't get over it! There were probably no fewer than 8 booths that had them, including the grandaddy of all, Gammill. That is me playing away. I have hidden my neck from you because I had a really great day and don't want to speak of other things. This was a Tin Lizzy 18. I have to say that I really liked it! Super easy to use and it felt nice and sturdy. Although the "other" big boy longarm would call it a hobby machine----- it was pretty cool! I use a longarm once every 4 years and was able to start the machine and do a really nice continuous patters very easily right out of the gate. I wanted to try some of the other machines but the booths were just too crowded. Get me out of here, I'll look at the big award winners later this afternoon!!!!!!!!

I have forgotten Paducah 101 in my haste and excitement to arrive! Head for the back of the hotel and start there and move up!!! When everyone buys their tickets they naturally enter the expo hall up front and hence the major clogs. I am peopled out for the minute so let's head out............... and wander off to the other part of the building.

Quilts first of course! In no particular order, just some of my favorites from the 1628 entered and displayed for all of us to admire:

"Yellow Chair Loves Apples"------ is it not wonderful? Original but not fussy----- artsy fartsy and great use of color and texture. Love it! Entered by Laura Wasilowski, it was actually for sale and I didn't inquire!

I am absolutely WILD about the quilt above! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! There was no doubt as I came around the corner and was immediately drawn to it that it was created by the talent of Becky Goldsmith of Piece O' Cake fame. I have loved Becky and Linda from the "Gramma Ruth's Gazette" days when they were so wonderful and gracious to me as an e-publisher. The title, "Live Well and Be Happy" along with the colors, the fabrics and the spirit of the piece makes me smile!

Are you tired yet? Your feet hurt a little? Need to do a little shopping and lighten up that wallet a tad? You bet........ we can definitely do that! Let's head to the sides of the room and check out the vendors who are here with all of those yummy things for our consideration!

Oh my! Triplets!!!!!!! Are they cute as pie or what?????? Matching t shirts! Do they wander off? Get lost?????? I see a lot of the matching hats, the matching vests, even the matching backpacks of the women here as a group or guild--------- but I do have to say it is the first time I saw the whole t shirt theme. If you ever (and I mean EVER) see me at any quilt or knit festival or show and I am dressed alike with anyone (A.N.Y.O.N.E.) please come up and smack me hard. The lady sitting next to them on the left of the shot is actually taking a picture of me taking a picture of them. I think she hated my neck!

I came here with a very short list of "I'm buying.........." and this was from that list! Amy Butler fabric! In the pink family (of course)----- love it! I found it at a great booth from Franklin Tennessee, The Quilting Squares. They were very nice, had a darling booth and managed to cut great fabric in a space the size of a postage stamp. The other thing on my must buy list was a jelly roll of Dandelion Girl--------- and would you believe I found jelly rolls of just about everything else but no DG! I think I am going to have to go ahead and i-net it! I love all of the Amy Butler fabs and would love to own cuts of it in every colorway and design! The above is for a bag I have in my mind.

Now THAT is way cute fabric! Because I have had limited fabric buying lately (really, it is all relative after all) I hadn't seen this. It was made into a pair of the cutest pajama pants from a Cindy Taylor Oates pattern. I have had that pattern for awhile but of course haven't actually MADE anything from it! If any of you great blitters know who makes this fabric let me know as I walked on buy and didn't shake out my credit card.

Time for a few more gorgeous quilts............ there are so many and even the ones I don't personally 'love', I do appreciate the time and effort and most of all the love that went into each and every one of them.

Above is #1437-------- AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The teensiest little pieces all set so perfectly! Colors are wonderful too. The quilter is Christine Wickert and she says in her show bio that she started this in a Sally Collins workshop from a Jinny Beyer Compass and the rest are pieces from other notable designers. This baby was hand quilted. Sigh.

Time to look at one more quilt before we take off for lunch because the English muffin I had for breakfast is starting to wear pretty thin, are you hungry too?

As we head off into town, such a short and pretty walk on this gorgeous April afternoon, I leave you with the quilt above. Isn't it gorgeous? I was so taken by the colors and texture of the quilt. I am woefully ashamed that I can't tell you who the talented quilter was who created this vision!!!

Part II tomorrow, lunch, more shopping a bit 'outside the doors', the award winning quilts and we finish our day with a KNIT shop!