Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cardi is MOVING!


Back done. Check.

Left front done. Check.

Right front--- 10 inches in.

Much happiness!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back Row Knitting on the Job

Some Saturdays on the job, sitting there in the back row waiting to complete services as Bride Boss------ I do manage to knock back a row or two.

Funny, the looks I get! What, nobody knits in church? Harumph!

The project is the very simplest of garter stitch scarves------ perfect for such occasions when you don't know how much knitting will happen or where for that matter. It is approaching a very nice length and will be embellished to add some ooomph to its simplicity when finished. The yarn is super yummy, beautiful and soft. Don't ask me b/c the band is long gone and I don't recall.

Knit on!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mondo Blue---- the REAL shots!

Finally, I can fluff my Ravelry page now! :)

Wonderful Wing Span the Mondo Blue shawl------- very wrappable----- very warm!

In other knitty news, the back of the cardi is OFF the needles and the left front has a repeat on it. Ahhhhhhhh---- feels good to be in some what of a gear with it!

The secret to knitting this week is to get up in the wee hours and work. This leaves time to knit a bit. The downside of course is that falling asleep with a cable needle in your mouth can be somewhat dangerous!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Worst Photo EVER..... really

I couldn't sleep last night, a rather common event of late which has nothing to do with age but more with circumstance. So it goes. I puttered with the blog header----- always calming in the oddest of ways. Now, I could have knit, but that seemed to require more somethin-somethin than I had at the time.

And I remembered, AH, I need to take a photo of the mondo blue lace shawl! Which I did, long story to follow. Would you not think that the numerous photographers I work with would be able to take a pic? Nope, not so. Instead, I thought, oh a quick shot---- I can do that. Nope again. Did you know that there are NO full length mirrors in the house? I knew that of course and maybe my irritation today will actually cause me to do something about it! The house was previously inhabited by a gay man, I mean, how in the world does it even compute that there would be no full length mirrors????? What is to possibly stop you from leaving the house with the back of your skirt tucked into your pantyhose anyway????

Warning: Really horribly bad photo ahead. Cropped further to eliminate the fact that I have on my ugly pants and my hair is frightful as I'm working from home today.

But in the effort that you might need a smile today----- and the knowledge that THIS may cause me to really and truly have GOOD photos done of the shawl----

In all of it's glory---camera strap, bad angle, inability to really SEE it and all.

Regardless----- hope things are fabulous and Full Length at your house!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Too long away. This means I'm either too busy or otherwise occupied. Both would be accurate with Busy taking the lead. Just when I think things will be more manageable work gets crazier and I seem to be taking more ON------who am I and what have I done with me?

While at Target recently, on a trip for fabric softener and light bulbs, I had to play a little hookey, about ten minutes to mindlessly wander. I found the following and confess to wanting it REALLY BAD---

Hot Pink. Patent. Leopard. Mulberry? I mean, seriously, how can you not be all over this bag. Serious lust has ensued. A bargain at $50 but $50 I don't have right now so I'll lust from afar. Maybe set the photo as my screensaver. Ooogle.

Still no photos of the mondo blue lace wrap, done and fabulous. I need to get it photographed so I can wrap it. Wrap it? Yes, my fear is that the weather will turn chilly and I'll want to toss it on. Then it will be USED.............. ick. USED, can't have that. Then I'd wear it more than once because I'd already worn it and it was now considered a used item and all. Then it'd be mine entirely and I could not relax and enjoy the knitterly spoils so ill-gotten! :)

The cabled cardi? I should pop off a pic here too........... almost ready to cast off for the back. Yes still. Refer back to over-extended and continuing to pile it on.

Ummmm---- guilty pleasure alert, Harry Loves Lisa on TVLand. Love me some Lisa Rinna!