Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poster Child for M&M's

I ate M&M's this week and I felt really bad about it. Okay, the truth and all of it is that I ate M&M's TWICE this week, and we won't even discuss eating out while working on the move of the storage unit. Beer was involved. Feeling bad about chocolate is really ridiculous, but I did have a guilty feeling. Until today. As my loyal Blitters know, I walk 6 mornings a week for 4 to 5 miles. To Kathy Smith. Baby, as the lady I passed in the park yesterday said "I MOVE". But the guilt remained, I just feel as if I work too darn hard to screw it up with bouts of unabashed chocolate. Sigh. If you noticed though, I said FELT bad about it, until this morning. Walking my normal route dodging bird poop, dealing with the hotter than crap temperatures and ignoring crackheads---- I do that every day, and really I don't complain. Well, much. Today when I got back from the walk I knew that it was a work from home day, always a treat. Except that the yard needed to be mowed and was several days past it's peak, high grass, heat, tired............... well you get it. So before I rolled up my sleeves to WORK, after an hour and a half of walking, and hearing the air conditioning call my name, I mowed. Have I mentioned that I have a push lawnmower? It is wonderfully 'green', I can't help but feel virtuous when I push my little mower over my small city yard and groom it. Today there was no virtue whatsoever, it was hell! Each push of the mower required all of my body weight, it was an extremely hard slog. ACK! But I persevered and after more sweat than I thought was humanly possible, the yard is mowed. I've showered and am happily sitting in a/c working. Mostly. Those M&M's? They are gone, every bit of them, they have been removed from my body and I no longer carry the guilt of their chocolatey delights. Personally, I'm holding out to be the Knitting Face of M&M's.....hey it could happen! I would love to teach Red and Yellow how to knit, I think they'd be good at it and I bet they would show their appreciation by keeping me in chocolate forever! I vote for an entire ad campaign, M&M's as yummy row counters, treats for finishing projects, energy to keep you working on your project, the list goes on!

I stopped by my local LYS yesterday morning, the fantastic Knitorious, it happens to be right down the road from Target as well as a great little nursery so it was an excellent hour of errands. I picked up a ball of off white baby yarn to try a few little preemie caps and of course sock yarn called my name. I found a gorgeous skein of Bearfoot in Sierra. I love the earthy colors and the 25% mohair makes this such a wonderful yarn. Of course, I had to swatch it last night, now I can't wait to get them going. Which will (or should) make me get that last sock off the needles.

Tomorrow a special post on Why I Love Cat Bordhi.......... stay tuned.

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Kasia said...

Hi Tina,
thanks a bunch for your lovely comment on my blog. I t really made me feel better! I couldn't believe that so many people would anwser to my bitching! Thank you for your opinion and advice. I do appreaciate it a lot!
This yarn is just fab! I love the colours!