Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Balls of Weekend!

3 day weekend? Sadly over.  And not without it's challenges. All things considered it was a helluva fabulous weekend and I had the most wonderful, relaxing, restorative time!!!!!!!!

Not one stitch knit, quilted, puttered, painted or otherwise performed.

But that is okay because the top of the list on didn't happen was WORK. Y'all know, I work from home, I'm absolutely GLUED to my computer, I never stop and never get away. I actually went for 36 hours before even turning on the comp---- and I could have gone the whole time but, well you know.

I was in renewal mode and continue to be. Last week I'd been riding my bike (finally, the rain stopped)--- and had gone for two rides. On the trail (paved and two laned and hardly a REAL trail dontchaknow)----and had logged 4 miles. For a non bike rider, that was pretty good! On day 3, 6 feet into the ride, my rear tire blew out the little retro whitewall, the tube followed shortly thereafter. Ride over. Took back the bike and long story short after 18 hours, have a new bike. LOVE this new one, cute as cherry pie!!!

Toldja, cute!

It was more than likely designed for a slightly younger girl, I give you evidence a:

however, I'm working on letting my young girl OUT this summer and Lucy is perfect!

This is the little design on the back of the seat. I have to show it to you now because it is usually hidden under my butt when I ride. (hee).

The new bike rides "harder" which translates to a firmer pedal, but it coasts better and going up hills is far, far easier as it is geared better. And the new wicker basket? A thing of beauty that makes me smile.

Last night's ride was my first with the new bike, Lucy. Lucy was fabulous and although it was HOT, we had a great ride. I rode the last half of the trail that goes through Grant's Farm. If you know anything about it, that is where the Budweiser Clydesdales hang out and party. They're gorgeous and so much fun to watch.

The thing that got me was the sign that said that the horses may bite, the fence was electric and not to feed the Clydesdales. I don't know about you but it makes 'em sound like prissyass prima donnas. Which I understand completely.  :)

They are gorgeous animals and live in pretty swell digs!

A gorgeous barn, but then again, everything around the farm is spectacular. Have you toured the brewery? It's one of my favorite stops in STL! If you're in town, or up for a visit to the farm or the brewery (free samples at the end of the tour, need I say more?) holler up and we'll go!

More of the horses:

Someone must have called them in for the evening because just as I was leaving, they took off, running single file across the meadow with manes and tails flying. Gorgeous.

And here we are at Tuesday. I'm trying like mad to get "ahead" for the week as it means I might squeeze in some time to knit, time to hang with friends and if I'm very lucky time to ride just a few more miles. I'm up to 6 miles and my next ride will be 8.

Have a fabulous post holiday week, hope things are great on your side of the screen!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Wraps--- Week Ahead

The weekend FLEW by. Weekends that are 'off the clock' always do. I started the weekend helping a friend move into her first house............ she's a third year teacher, getting married in 2012. Can you remember your first house and all the excitement? It was very sweet and the house is perfect for them. I  was proud, happy and excited all mushed up together.

Saturday night brought a bbq (going to hang with friends on a Saturday night is a rare event). Good food and friends is an unbeatable combination. Sunday was a bit of work but there was time to knit after catching up on my desk and laundry. The dust bunnies loom large and the vacuum really needs to be run but HEY---- I'm halfway through Clue 3 of the Mystery Shawl. It's really shaping up although the photos don't show the last two clues, it's all wrinkly in that pre-blocked lace way.

Yes, the striping shows but the flash really makes the striping of the yarn say hello. I continue to ponder overdying.

And that is the working edge of Clue 3-------- about halfway through. I know........... you can't see much of anything! 

I've pretty much confirmed that all things in life should be a mystery. This pulls you through! Keeps you going! :)   Right now I'm creating clues for work the only difference is that I know the outcome if I don't get it finished!

Have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clue 2--- DONE

So maybe I need my entire life to be a Mystery Clue. It clearly inspires some motivation==== and this week I have had next to none.

Crap with my brother----- too much on my plate------ too little of everything else. Whinefest, over!

Can you see the hearts in the border? I know, it's hard but they're there------ upside down. Go on, turn your head. See 'em?  :) 

The shawl is growing and I'm seeing the stripes that don't present themselves in small things. In long runs, stripes. There may be overdying in the future of this shawl!

You can really see the striping when most of the color is removed from the photo. And yes, I'm still being lazy and using my cell phone instead of a perfectly good professional camera. 

No Clue until Friday and the sunshine may hold till then so I'm hoping for some yardwork the next couple of days!

Hope you're fabulous on your side of the screen!

Friday, May 13, 2011

KAL's:The Better Part of Valor?

I did make progress with the Eiffel Tower Shawl. Ripping back 10 rows was painful but necessary and in the past week I've finally gotten knit back to that point and now have "fresh yarn". However in an effort to:

a. ignore it
b. have a change of scenery
c. completely ignore the past week entirely

*(Your Choice)

I have started another knitting project. Not my usual operating procedure but I have been known to go down this path in the past.

While surfing Ravelry I came upon a Knit Along for a shawl, the Mystery Shawl KAL 2011 from Knitting Like Crazy's Jen. Simple with a practical and sturdy edge----- the center medallion keeps it interesting and looks nice in a tailored kinda'way.

It is (forgive the photo) bluer-----almost navy with a bit of gray running through it and with a nice haze.

The yarn was stash----- I needed sock-ish weight in a fairly tonal color. Not much to be had choice wise, apparently I want  my socks to look like clowns (what was I thinking?) This one would have to do! It's Patrons Kroy Sox FX------- wool & nylon at 75/25.

So about 8 rows from the end of the first clue while watching old Oprah's (gotta love it when the server is down--- what else to do but roll with i t???) and on we go.

Hope your weekend will be fabulous! I'm off this weekend and just puttering, hoping the weather will hold for a trip to a great art fair, maybe cocktails with friends, and some gentle puttering.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gray Frog

Man. The day off (a wonderful Saturday off to be enjoyed down to the very last second!!!) And two hours of it was spend FROGGING back the Eiffel shawl while watching the Derby coverage.

I frogged back 10 rows. GULP. But things are much happier now.

Lookie lookie at all of those live stitches, just laying there gasping! A wonderful use for the white dining room table, a great place to lay out knittery, frog it and know that all is behaving itself. I really REALLY hate to rip any knitting back, the finer the yarn the greater the trepidation. I'm not sure why really, most times it all works out well and it isn't like it's world peace or anything. But I become a 9 year old girl terribly afraid of her knitting every time.

Now that the stitches are back on the circs, two rows accomplished post frog-- it is time to muddle the mint and pour the bourbon!

Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises! With a bourbon chaser I think even Elizabeth would nod in the affirmative!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Worked, Read, No Pedeled

Work. Work. I picked up another great client (in addition to my other many chores, I "ghost blog")---- and being uber organized is the secret. Always the secret to life, now even more so.

I'm even more in love with my Nook Color---- how did I ever get along without it? Some problems persisting--- another call to tech support will deliver a new usb cord that should fix all glitches. It's easy portability (and fabulous flamingo colored sleeve) make it possible to read a bit here and there. Reading on the job has become my new sock knitting-- I'm not sure if that is good or bad!

Who was it that asked what I'm reading? I'm about halfway through "All That is Bitter and Sweet" by Ashley Judd------ one of those rock you to your core kind of save the world books. Very intense and tempered by the kinda' crazypants family stuff. I can't read something totally intense 100% of the time, by necessity I temper the grief with the fluff. For me the fluff du jour is the "Carrie Diaries". Once and always a SITC fan---- and you don't get much fluffier than Bushnell. I have TEN other books lined up and ready to go.

Good thing (not) that I'm waking up at 5 a.m. every morning no matter what time I've gone to bed the night before. Perhaps Sleep Doc Yo-El can tell me what in the world is going on in my formerly "set the clock by" sleep world!!!

And on the bicyclette front------ I'm not painting her. :(   If someone would take her apart for me so I could paint PROPERLY, oh, and PUT HER BACK TOGETHER, we'd be off and running.

Man, ain't that the story of life?  A story of the scramble, of the making do, and with no knitting content whatsoever!