Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Underachiever--- who me?

I never thought of myself as an underachiever, it just never crossed my mind! I did the High School and College thing in 6 years, married, had children while working or generally running my world, engaged in many activities and of course knitted my way through it all. On my walk today I re-listened to the first podcast from Socks in the City. I said 're-listened' because somehow I forgot to load my iPod this morning before heading out the door and other than the BompBompBomp of the walking music I had precious little to listen to. I love Socks in the City, it is fun and gentle, inspiring and humerous. Carrie Berocco (dharmafey) does a great job with her podcast ( (there are 7 installments with show notes to date) although she makes me feel completely inadequate! I recall the first time I listened to her sock focused podcast, I thought she was engaging and did make me want to knit a heckuva lot faster so that I could get more done. The second time through I realized that this woman knits her doggone pants off and I by comparison am a slacker. A SLACKER! Imagine if you will, me pounding down the sidewalk through the lovely park knowing full well that no matter how I try I will not belong to over 6 knit-alongs and sock exchange groups, with several different things on my needles.

That brings me to dealing with the knitter I am----- while I believe that owning many different yarns is not hoarding but building stash for a rainy day as well as contributing to the worldwide knitting economy---- projects are generally meant to be finished in the knitting world! Two projects at once, that is my limit or I just lose all semblance of a productive working life much less keep up with mundane yet necessary things like laundry and dusting. (If you thought that the Contessa had STAFF for such a thing, please continue on in your reality!) One project that requires a bit more mental and effort and concentration, and one that is an easy socialize while you knit sort of thing. Quilts are another story in production and I hold fast to the notion that there can be many, many tops in production that may never see completion at all, sigh.

I'm going to have to ask how she (or anyone.....) does this? Is she uber organized? Does she have a short attention span? Is she one of those women who is able to Do It All? Or in fact, does she give up sleep?

I'm turning a heel today on the socks on my needle and am mentally planning a 'fluff project' for my friend the Thin and Trendy one. It is a little shoulder shrug knit in a chunky glitzy yarn with a contrasting glitz woven through the holes. I'm thinking that it would be fabulous knit in a black glamour yarn with faux suede for the emphasis.

Apparently it is okay in my world to plan a million things as long as they are not executed. That brings me to the image today, a very Zen pond at a favorite getaway in Asheville North Carolina. Maybe if I concentrate on the peace and quiet I can just knit my socks and quiet my racing mind.

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Dharmafey said...

Hey! Just to let you know, I do have a short attention span, am easily distracted by pretty, shiny yarns and patterns, do knit compulsively AND have given up sleep. I don't recommend it!!