Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Musical Sleeves

Yes, that is right---- sleeves. Both are done (with an asterisk*** unlike that of sports which add the asterisk for cheating and lying)---- and I'm at a thinking point. I'd knit both sleeves and gotten the body of the cardi to the 'acceptable' length state as I had mad fear that I was going to run out of yarn. With the sleeves done and calculating 30 rounds on the yoke before the pretty begins after everything is joined together, I will indeed have enough to add a bit more length to the body of the cardi after all. The bad news is that it will require a bit more knitting on what I thought was finished, the good news is that I think in the end, with such a classic piece in the works, I'll be happier about it. I might even add an inch or so to the sleeves so I have the choice to cuff if I choose, that will be decided later.

So, I'm still knitting navy blue and trying to remain patient. So far so good.

Last night at knit group I was in the throes of higher math, of which I do not like to do at all! :) It was time to sketch out the joining of the cardi a la Zimmerman (mother of my sweater). Somehow it took much longer than it should have even this feeble math brain! But now all numbers are in alignment and I really can't wait to put it all together.

I cast on for a project last night------ despite my single-minded focus to get Lloie done. A simple one, Citroen. I was motivated by Yo-El's delicious one knit for gift exchange. After managing a few rows and staring at it across the knitterly table, there on the shoulders of it's new owner, it looked NOTHING like it. I mean nothing. After Yo-El arrived I discovered that instead of knitting it on the pattern required 6's, she knit it on 4's because she didn't HAVE 6's. Ack. I love the look of her shawlette, very nice fabric, not too lacy but still very drapey and it shows off the ruched bands beautifully. I'm not sure if I like my Citroen in progress! I don't know if it is because I have only seen the one knit on 4's or if I don't like the resulting fabric of mine with laceweight on 6's. I've been advised to knit a bit past the first ruched band and determine. So there.

Tuesday knitting continues to be a haven for me here in the middle of domestic cranky-ness. I don't mean in the love life department but in the adult children living at home category. 'Nuff said. Last night didn't disappoint, much laughter and knitting transpired over coffee and good food. The staff at the trendy little cafe we knit at near one of the Universities always play 60's music for me (well almost always), and I appreciate it! 60's is my favorite genre (although I do like most all music) and it always takes me back. I think Grace Slick was right! Did we as a generation know better or were we just naive and optomistic? Maybe one from column a and one from column b. Free love, nobody went hungry, help and care were the order of the day. A sort of communal spirit that insured that it was all about the love. We've become selfish and cynical, free love has given way to fear of disease, and drugs were never much of a good idea, I lost too many friends along the way to heavy drugs and youth. I love the music because I remember how it felt to have life ahead like a shining promise, all things were possible and mankind was to be enjoyed and embraced. It seems as if we have come a long way from that. On a day when I'm thinking of canceling my health insurance because there is nothing going to happen in the broken machine we have in this country and I'm tired of paying $400 a month for it with a $5000 deductable----- T*ed K*ennedy is surely spinning in his grave over his state senate seat going Republican, and the finances of hard working families in utter shambles, maybe I'm just generically tired.

No doubt I'll fire up some Jefferson A*irplane and knit with the phone off the hook. Calm shall ensue, it always does after all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Sleeve Down

What is worse than second sock syndrome???? Second sleeve syndrome, and by a mile!

The second sleeve is in the works, about an inch into the body of the sleeve itself with that evil 1x1 ribbing done. (Why do I hate ribbing so much? I'm sure it has something to do with my still unfulfilled promise to be a Continental Knitter!!)

But on I knit-------------- surely joining the body and the sleeves and beginning work on the yoke are right around the corner???? :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sleeves marching on

Okay---- I should amend the title to SLEEVE. Still a single sleeve and it is gradually (very gradually) lengthening.

As usual, not much knitting time to work on Lloie's Cardigan but my mindset is to enjoy the journey.

You know the ugly truth is that when this sleeve is done, that second sleeve is going to feel like puredee misery!

I'd planned on doing both on circs but chose instead to work them on 4 dpn's. I enjoy the process of the dpn, it makes me smile. All things considered it really doesn't shorten the time (much) or so I tell myself.

photo Yo-El

As promised, a shot (from Yo-El's blog) of her gift contribution to the exchange. It is Citroen knit for Silvana in the yummiest of a peacock sort of blue. It is perfectly gorgeous and I don't know how she managed it, this girl is uber productive, let me tell you. I adore the pattern and would love to knit this yummy shawlette for myself.
Get knittin'!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Loveliest of Gifts!

In a gift exchange from a small part of Knit Group (okay 3 of us were available)---- good things happened. First was brunch (I drank coffee as a diner style menu, while yummy, was not on my diet plan) with Yo-El and Silvana. Excellent company!

I totally wussed out, completely. I had such plans to make something knitterly and fab, then when it became apparent that I couldn't do that I decided to sew something. Well, best laid plans and all my contribution was a gift certificate from a local knit shop. I was only wildly (not mildly) embarassed, even willing to let the two good girls swap gifts and slipping home with my gc quietly.

The girls are more gracious than I can say.......... and Yo-El seemed happy enough to have a bit of cash to take on a yarn expedition.

Check out the GORGEOUS tea towels gifted from Silvana! I mean really, aren't they spectacular! Vintage and fabulous in their spectacular crocheted goodness! I'm in love with them. I'm trying not to feel slugly-ier about it all, really I am.

Yo-El knit a most spectacular shawlette............... perfect for Silvana who was most appreciative! I'll have to show pics of it if Yo-El sends them over as I was cameraless today. It is delish!

I'm a lucky girl!

BTW--- I have to edit this to say that I wore Cable Luxe ... to the swap today. No one said a thing about it's funky-ness. It was ON BACKWARDS............... sheesh. Pretty soon I'll be wearing my underwear on the outside of my clothes!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Red Becomes Me

It is January SIXTH blitters and I'm just nuts that I haven't gotten caught up/around the curve/in good shape since before the holidays. Can you believe it?

The latest thing to hit the fan (with a grand splatter) is that my car died. I mean DIED. A nasty horrible death that came along with grinding screeching noises which left me in fear of it. A tow truck ride, bad advice from a mechanic that caused me to send 215 dollars I didn't have into the wasteful winds and many tears in the car dealership made up the better part of two days.

End game is that I have a new car, new to me that is--- in RED. My favorite color always I have to say I dig the car---- and "Betty" seems to like me to. Does everyone else name their cars or am I the only strange one? There is a warranty, a real live I've forgotten what a warranty feels like that will last me another 75,000 miles, I'm swooning with delight.

On a side note because like I said I'm really behind with life right now is that I didn't mention that when my son was here he was rocking a beanie hand knitted by his beloved. There is no way I can tell you how much that made me smile. We need another knitter in the family!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year (Drop the Puck & Knit)

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve was fab............. dinner at Hubert Keller's Bur*ger Bar, a few hours gambling at the casino with friends (I lost!) and home to watch the ball drop, see the fireworks and turn in early. [A burger note, I had the best veggie burger of my life---- -truly spectacular and while it might not have been in the same sphere as the Kobe burger, it was really lovely!]

2010 is off to a great start...........................

Knitting.............................and hockey! The Winter Classic and a set of dpn's!

That is the sleeve of Lloie sitting up there....................... first sleeve the elbow(ish).

Add in family (my son arrived from NYC, yay!) and junk food and the day is near perfection. Truly Top Shelf.