Monday, August 30, 2010

Off to the Bat Cave...

There are certain things that make one laugh. This is one of those things for me. Two quite grown white dudes in a little sports car with a potato peeler on the back, with BATCAR license plates. And a decal in the rear window. What the...........????????????????????????

Please don't report me for about falling out of my car at the light in order to snap the photo---- it was so worth it!!!

Monday is here------------- here's hoping yours is a GREAT one!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm home from a quick trip to see family that almost killed me. It did not make me stronger and I'm not sure it made me anymore appreciative either.

My daughter has been moved out for 11 days and I haven't reached any sort of peace and equilibrium about that either.

Nor am I knitting. I did haul along a hunk of pretty yarn and managed about 8 inches. Of garter stitch.

Houston we have a problem I think.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eeeeeny Meeeeenie Miney Delicious

I received (with much joy I might add) the charm pack from the Fat Quarter Shop----- with the much anticipated "Breakfast at Tiffany's" collection from Fig Tree Quilts. Joanna has really outdone herself with this lineup of fabrics and as I hoped, they are PERFECT for the new digs. The coral is spot on, the yellows, greens and especially the blue is wonderful!

Some pillow possibilities.............

The chosen fabric for the windows in the dining room. This sunny yellow space will look really great with the print in yellow and coral (my adjoining rooms are yellow and coral!!!) and I'm auditioning the polka dots for trim. Personally, I like the coral better, I think the yellow dots are too blah-de-dah with the walls.

I'm feeling a table runner and something fun for the fireplace mantle............ sadly, yardage is not yet available, but when it is, I'll be ready!!!

And how delicious is this? The last piece of happy retro goodness for the kitchen------ the red "Delicious" and big black whisk look pretty cool over the kitchen doorway. Love it. So easy these vinyl pieces!

Back to it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photos of the New Digs

Photos of the new digs in process---- hope you don't find it self-indulgent but more like fun. I love to look at photos of YOUR place, so I'm trusting that you might like a peek at mine.

We're "IN" but still fiddling a little bit. I've yet to find skinny little side tables that don't cost an arm and a leg, or a vintage table for the front foyer (a chip of a thing) that is appealing. The last two big prints will arrive from the lab today (yay!) and the hanging and re-hanging seems to go on.

Paint? All done except the bedroom where I've auditioned tons of colors, the last was a ballet pink that turned out to be one of the nastiest things I've ever seen. In this wee house color is all important and turning out to be like no palette I've ever worked with----- kind of fun!

The creative space------ small but a workhorse. The gateleg table is up in this photo but can be all skinnied down and even wheeled around.

The color is the most fabulous coral---------love this color! The space has no windows or natural light of its own so I borrowed some.

The dining room is in the front of the house and until my daughter moves out is where I work at the table. Not optimal for sure. The "grill" above is between the two front windows and I love the look. The walls are the sunniest of yellow, the "grill" is actually from the Container store and was from their 9.99 dorm section.

The corner of the dining room, hard to see the yellow-ness from this photo.

Above the hallway that's part of the sewing room, powder room too the right. Above this doorway is a favorite element (blessings) combined with some vinyl decals in black and soft blue---- LOVE these. The dining room lies beyond.

Above the sink in the kitchen is this rack------- displayed on it is my favorite Nigella Lawson tray and measuring cups. One of the cups got smashed in the move. I've put it back together with superglue to nestle with the other cups but let's just say that it will never measure liquids again! The little recipe box to the right is for the moment empty, found in the closeout section of Michael's, it's Paula Deen.

Good thing the coffee pot makes a great cup of joe, I'd keep it regardless for the magnificent red-ness! Cutting board in happy blue from Ikea.

What a great spot for my large white serving pieces as well as the red cake stand and red and aqua bowls.
Above the cabinets in the kitchen----- another fabulous decal and a couple favorite prints. I've just ordered another decal for the opposite wall with a very retro feel, can't wait to get it up!

Like I said, it's a wee house------------- you come in from the back deck and garden into this room, the family room as it were and go into the kitchen. No photos yet of the fam space but this pic is to show the blue brick wall (formerly the exterior wall years ago) that goes into the kitchen and the green of the family room. Never in my life would I have put these colors together but it works and I love it.

Jen made me feel badly about the lousy photos, so I'm trying to redeem myself somewhat! :)

Better Jen? This kitchen window is hard to photograph day or night------- this is a late night shot, see the light out back? But you can see the window treatment of the vintage chicken feedsack------- the hanging red measuring cups from Ikea and the vintage set of canisters on the counter.

Better get to work------ if I play my cards right I can try to clear up some time next week to play with the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" charm pack I just bought from the Fat Quarter Shop. I've been waiting and waiting for Joanna's new collection, I think the colors are going to be perfect........ for lots of puttering to come!