Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Deriving Inspiration

Yes I know... you're wondering how my walk was this morning after the bird poop incident. I was probably over-cautious and tried to avoid trees, which on my route is impossible. But after I relaxed the walk was wonderful and poop free. I really couldn't wait to get to the end of the walk so I could switch my iPod to listen to the podcast from Knit Picks. The installment I listened to today was about Continental vs. English knitting for the most part. I knit English because as much as I have tried I can't manage Continental knitting to save my soul! I agree with Kelley Petkun (of podcast fame) that Continental looks so much less conspicuous and it does look like less effort than 'throwing' the stitches a la English. Of course the thoughts that occur while I'm walking are always encased in those endorphins that cause the flush of "I can do that!" to happen quite easily. I guess that will be my goal, to try to 're-teach' myself to knit in the Continental manner. I've been knitting for many years so it may be impossible-- I have tried before and failed miserably.

The photos above are of my friend Danielle's new tattoo. Isn't it fantastic? "INSPIRE" is perfect for Nell, as anyone who knows her would agree wholeheartedly. You would never know that Nell is 22, she seems much older and is of course more responsible and mature than many of us. Okay, all of us. She does inspire everyone (and I mean everyone) she meets, the whole world just becomes her fan club! As she goes into the field of education she will inspire her students as well as the faculty she works with to be the best people they can be. And, I say with a laugh, because she is so doggone responsible she smiles when she says that 'just in case' her gorgeous ink can be covered up with a watch band! HA! She doesn't knit at all, nor does she want to learn, a fact that perplexes me at many levels. She does adore and appreciate knitting but is more than happy to watch the activity rather than participate in it. I won't give up in my quest to teach her though! Let me just be honest and say that I love her tattoo so much that I want one. A lot. I think about it all the time as a matter of fact, I want to get in my car and go get one. I want mine to say something also unique and personal and ultimately defining. There are only two things that keep me from this, one is the fact that you can just imagine how dang much it hurt by looking at it (and Nell says it hurt more than you can imagine!), and then of course is the fact that it IS forever. Like always. My kids would not rise up and call me blessed they would add a few words of their own to describe their Mother that go way beyond weird.

Of course, that is three things. And come to think about it, why should I start caring NOW that my kids thing I'm a titch odd?

I took a fabulous felted bag OFF my needles last night! Okay, the felting came after the casting off of course, but let me tell you, it is great! I am a late night internet shopper and somehow when I'm tired and mesmerized by the glow of the computer screen I am easily swayed. That is what happened when I found the cute knitted Denise bag patterns by Cat Bordhi. (www.catbordhi.com). Being the owner of Denise needles and loving them (in addition to my Addi Turbo's in the sizes smaller than my Denise kit), I thought that the pattern was perfect and I ordered it. The yarn is Fleece Artist Hand Dyed Blue Face Leicester Aran in the colorway Tiger, a warm meld of tuscan gold, oranges, greens and yellows-- really yummy. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of knitting the bag, it was easy enough to really zip through and yet the applied I-Cord around the handles and top of the bag were a lot of fun as well. I'll be putting in my zipper and pocket later on and ready to use my cute little bag. I think it needs a felted flower or two, we'll see! The whole project has inspired me to knit a felt hat so if you have any favorite patterns or ideas please let me know.

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