Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Pop Up Timer POPPED!

After a long time lolling about with dpn's in her A YEAR............ the chicken is DONE!

It really didn't take all that long to get her finished---- just a bit of knitting the fiddly bits, the little crown pieces, the tail feathers, the beak (chicken lips???) and the wattle.

Mod-wise, because she was on the loose and poofy side (which seems to describe me as well!), I "trussed" her, that is taking a bit of a tuck at the neck and tail end to better square her up.

You can see a bit of the neck tuck in the photo above. Not perfect but certainly better than without the tucks.

All in all, she's cute as can be, right down to the little yarn stitches for the eye. Using the same yarn for the wattle as the red stripes, this whimsical chicken appears to have on a bow.

Happily I report that this is the last long languishing UFO---- and that feels pretty good!


PamKittyMorning said...

I love that chicken!!!

yoel said...

Yay for the chicken! Happy birdie to you!