Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boat Cover Gone--- aka The Ship Has Sailed!

Thanks to Tuesday night knitter Silvana, a swift was in use at the table at knit night (the barista was inquisitive!) and at home into the wee hours. The boat cover was on the way to GONE. Without the swift it would have been a horrible project. Horrible! I am madly in love with the swift and my covetousness has moved up the list of must haves to be sure.

Above was the necessarily resulting pile of yarn that got sucked into the snafu zone. It really wasn't a lot--- even so there is enough to clad the third world in Eco sweaters.

Go Swift Go!!!!!!!

I had a lot of help too! Both dogs claim fair territory any soft thing that is placed on the floor. Little girl dog decided that this blankie was hers, no matter my tugging on it.

Little boy dog lined up next. Funny these dogs!

The last shot is the finished Santa Fe Shawl................ Taos shawl more accurately. Finished, great drape and it was even chilly enough last night to wear it.

The great skeins of yarn have been dunked and are now hung to dry nice and straight without the curly bits of used yarnishness. Then I'll re-skein and wind into balls (which will take a bit with the Dirter)---------- then time to cast on. YAY!


yoel said...

The Taos shawl is magnificent!

So sad to see the boat cover gone, but at least the doggies had a good time during the frogging :)

claudia said...

Compliments for your work and have a nice day from Tenerife!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't is sad how fast we can undo all that hard work!
Love the shawl.