Monday, April 5, 2010

Slow Tweet

I've kept a creative journal for years now, sometimes more regularly and more organized than others. After the recent vacation I had quite a few pages in my traveling spiral [pocket sized], a few scribbles here and there loose and running amok, as well as in the fresh composition book. In an effort to not only compile the good stuff into one place but to dress it up into a pretty notebook that would "CALL" other great thoughts to join the group----- Slow Tweet was born.

Not the electronically fast Tweet (which I don't indulge in......... so far), but the Tweet that comes from adding bits of prose or sketches or schematics that may become 'something' in the future. The cover for the book is felt with a double layer glued over the bright blue of the composition book that would mask it. A very simple turning under with machine stitching to make the side pockets and a freehand Tweet with an antique button eye. The hand drawn scalloped edge is rough stitched with a heavier blue cord and the tweeter stitched on with the same rough stitch in a double ply of embroidery floss in yellow.

Tweet Tweet indeed! Or maybe even Sweet Tweet!

The Tweet Journal is sitting next to the last pair of down and dirty socks---- they always get to the foot gusset and languish! Once they get past there to the foot and decrease for the toes they rather zip along. No zipping at the moment! It has been a rather knit sorry week for sure!

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