Monday, April 26, 2010

Bella...... Done Socks

I had to cast on a new project. The gold shawl is quite bulky at this point and the dpn's are empty (yay). With the wedding last weekend and squirreling away in mind I was in the mood for mittens and found these, "Bella's Mittens" apparently inspired by the Twilight series. I don't follow that series AT ALL, but loved the mittens, long, squishy, chunky cable in the front--- very nice. And I wanted something to knit that my bride du jour could hold that matched (somewhat) her colors---- which were pink and black. So the winy color of Peruvia Quick (stash) was perfect. The project flies and is lots of fun, despite a good bit of ribbing. Thank heavens for chunky yarn. If I didn't spend Sunday going to the grocery store (woo hoo) and baking cupcakes for a Sunday night turkey dinner (also cooked)----- I'd be done. But they are CLOSE. I've laid in some DK yarn for a pile of other mittenly plans as well, I feel a mitten jag on the horizon. You can see the stitch holder for the thumb to be in the photo above, shows off how nice and long the arm of the mittenly bit is!

The green socks, finito and in their parting shot. You will notice that the stripes match bang on. I love when that happens-------------------- and sometimes it doesn't! :) They're washed and blocked and sitting in the cubby soon to be filled with little friends to be squirreled away for the holidays

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