Monday, April 19, 2010

Sewing Machine Alert & A New Cast On

I love to sew! Love. It. Somehow it gets shoved to the back burners when work gets mad and life madder yet. Which is crazy pants stuff. Knitting frequently wins because one can sit on ones' butt and consume cocktails while lamenting life. Or something like that.

I was OFF (from job one and job two) on Sunday and guess what I did?????? I sewed. It was glorious. Having moved the contents of the creative space into the living space----- I hadn't tried it out. And it worked. Speaking of calling it the creative space, have you noticed that those foo foo tv home design shows and especially the Selling NY show (which I love) schmootily call a bathroom off the master bath EN SUITE????? Yup. So my creative space needs another name. Like, well I don't quite know but I'm working on it. Sewing stuff in the other half of the living area ain't workin' for me. Having said that, I was off and spent all day drinking tea, eating junk, wearing no makeup and grubby clothes and sewing. I cut out the cutest tiered skirt and a mondo darling top. The skirt I sewed up and it's hanging in the closet waiting for the reappearance of spring. The top---- well, it is cut out and pinned together and hopefully will get some time later on this week. The fabrics are assembled above------darling! Very boho chic.

And the new cast on is "Arrowhead"---- a Pam Allen shawl design. I had chosen this yarn at Jessica Knits in Scottsdale at the tail end of vacay, it's a silk that looks like straw, very wonderful. I'd planned a simple triangle shawl with the increases marchingdown the center of the "v"......... but frankly? After the mindlessness of the big ole' gold mondo shawl and two pairs of simple socks, I need something else on the sticks!!!! The knit is marching along, after a sad confession that I must have knit the start of this shawl maybe 10 times? So often that the starchy finish on the yarn went from crispy straw to softy silk!!! I don't know if it was the yarn or the knitter but I was about around the bend! I'm knitting on 7's and honestly? Not sure if after the first repeat I like the resulting shawl in progress. I'll haul it to knitting tomorrow night and listen for the votes from the gallery. We are all particularly good at that! ;)

Until then I work and knit a row here and there on the socks that must be finished and the shawl that begs to be.

In my creative space, en suite.

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