Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guess Who?????

Knitting last night was spectacular------- great knitter friends, excellent coffee, gorgeous weather and a nice spring breeze............. who could ask for more?????

I scored with a couple goodies from blogless Emily's Ravelry box, sort of a knitters white elephant sale! I'll share them later, suffice it to say one item in particular made me smile! Everyone is knitting lace, wham bam lace with all the frilly holey bells and whistles, even beads! I'm plodding along with the straightforward knitting projects to be finished and dreaming of what might be next? I don't think mittens count as anything exciting, but a gal can't be held to only one project! Can she????

GUESS WHO??????????????
And almost finished! I'm pretty excited!

1 comment:

Suzy Girl said...

Is it cheating if I go peek at your project page? :) too cute!