Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where IS that desert island anyway?

Okay, I admit it------ I'm way over my limit for the madness. Mind you, I normally do pretty well with a bit of the wack inserted into my life, but this is ridiculous!

Years ago I used to thrive, and even insist if the truth is told, on packing my life cram to bursting and then adding a few more things. It was how I lived life, and it's only been in the past three or four years that I notice that it must have been a coping mechanism of some sort. I'm no shrink so I really don't know, I can only guess. I have become the Queen of Mellow for the most part. I don't like to be overly busy and having too much on my plate has become a major irritant where it used to be both the bane and the balm.

The studio moves tomorrow at 1. Everything has been packed, the extra 'stuff' has been hauled to the basement/storage and there is nothing else to do until it all arrives on the other end. I'm a little nervous, movers give me a rash. Whatchagonnado? I've been burning the midnight oil and it has made me tired, a titch cranky and more than ready for a Day Off. Or two. Although neither is particularly in the future it sure seems grand to think about.

I've kept up my walking, but I do cut off the last 1/2 mile in order to get out the door a couple minutes earlier than I would usually. Today's podcast pleasure was Kelley's KnitPicks podcast, the one where she discusses short rows on the back of the leggings (and the wrapping thereof). I think that by the time I'm ready to move into the Home For Old Knitters I might have my lemongrass leggings to the point where I need to futz with the short rows. And if the ugly truth is told, if I continue eating the bowl of orange and black M&M's that calls me when I pass---- well I will need MORE short rows for shaping the Bubble Butt! Ack.

I have been Snailing along on the Mitered Sweater sleeve cuff (above). It is knit in garter, 84 rows worth and then I-Cord is knitted on both sides before the sleeve itself rises above. I'm I-Cording now and do feel like quite the Idiot, it shouldn't take 3 days to do this cuff! I give myself comfort knowing that I pick the needles up at all!

The body of the sweater has been complete and I have to say that I love two things about it, first I love the way the colors dance along----- fabulous! I am also loving my decision to add squares to one another from the wrong side instead of the right side, that puts the 'invisible' join to the back and leaves the ridge of stitches to the right. I really like the addition of those stitches.

I'm going to have to block the wooly boogers out of the edge to get the points nice and crisp.

Don't you just LOVE that sign? Too cute. The new studio is in a wonderful historic neighborhood and I saw this sign in the window of a little shop and knew that my guestroom must have it. How perfect, Bed and Breakfast, you make both!

I'd surely love someone to make my bed as well as my breakfast! Tomorrow night after the move has been un-ceremoniously dumped into the new space, when I've fulfilled the family obligations that rise ahead and before bed I have promised myself to make a batch of my 'legal' ginger spice muffins. A couple of those along with a nice cup of pumpkin spice decaf on Saturday morning will make for a fine start to the day before bride wrangling begins.

Speaking of de-caf, I literally ran through Border's on Tuesday on my way home to pick up whatever magazines called my name. I'm still mourning the takeover of the Border's Cafe by Seattle's Best Coffee because it means that the Pumpkin Chai Tea that I still dream about has been discontinued and is nowhere to be found. I noticed that they have a new offering, a white chocolate maple latte and I gave in, ordered a venti (sorry Starbucks, old habits die hard) and sat for ten minutes or so and drank my decaf. OUTSTANDING.......... I recommend it heartily. Now mind you, I had mine 2 percent with whip so that did contribute to it's yummyness. In the future I'll have mine skinny no whip---- and without the fab little maple candies they sprinkle on top too. On second thought, that just takes the fun out of the whole thing!

Get Knittin'!

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Those m&m's! They get me every time!