Thursday, September 13, 2007

Print the T Shirt

I've decided it------- no two ways around it, I am just going to have to have the T Shirt printed! I was walking (again) in the park (where else?) this morning and I was stopped (as happens everyday) by yet another nice lady I see in the mornings walking her elderly dog. We always smile and say 'g'morning' as I fly by her or exchange a very short greeting based on the weather du jour. Well this morning she actually STOPPED ME. This, I must tell you, is no small feat, I have my iPod in and am zipping along usually in a state of aerobic or anaerobic intervals and I have built up a considerable head of steam. She asks The Question: How Much Weight Have You Lost? She is very sweet about it, she says that she has watched me melt over the past months and she just really: Has. To. Know. 50 pounds on the scale two weeks ago, yes ma'am. I will hop on the scale again tomorrow morning to hear the verdict but my clothes are hanging on me and I pretty much look like a bag lady when I'm all foofed up!

Don't get me wrong, it is VERY sweet of people I don't know to care about my health and well being, I think it is great for me to be able to say that I have lost half a person and they get that 'wow' look in their eyes. I've worked damn hard, and I deserve a bit of rockstar status among those I walk with every day.

So, I need the shirt! Wording has been escaping me............. Not Your Usual Lard Ass? Half a Lard Ass? Yes, The Ass is Smaller??? One Ton Gone, Just Call Me Tessie? Make My Latte A Skinny? Yes I'm Sweaty But I'm Thinner? The options are really limitless! I really don't know which one I prefer! :)

If these wonderful strangers congratulate me on my weight loss can you imagine what they would do if they had been watching me knit! :) Woo Hoo!

Speaking of knitting, although I am photo-less today (on strike, I'm tired) I have 6 mitered squares left on the left front of the sweater body----- almost ready to start the sleeves. I have put maybe 3 more inches on my leggings but the sweater is really calling my name. As I sit and knit, once again I remember that knitting is a rather sedentary sport and this is the reason I walk!

And, the answer to what podcasts do I always have on my iPod as I de-ass? A rather eclectic mix no doubt about it!



From time to time I toss another one in the mix and am ALWAYS looking for something great, so if you know of one I didn't mention-- let me know.

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Elysbeth said...

Make my Latte a skinny. Hee Hee Hee. And I'm afraid I'll have to change my workout playlist. It's currently titled "walkout" it's fixin' to become de-ass.