Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy End of Summer...

Happy end of Labor Day weekend! I labored all weekend, well with a slice of time on Sunday when I pretty much said 'screw it all' and sat down to knit a bit. I hauled my mitered squares with me on bride duty Saturday and got all of ONE puny row knit. that was 16 stitches folks, 16 tiny non-sustaining, leaving you wanting more stitches. The bride was a doll, absolutely beautiful, wearing an 18 thousand dollar Vera Wang bridal gown. It was completely lovely but I kept thinking of all the things I could do with 18K. Cynic that I am!

The mitered square sweater has gotten to this point, the center/back is done and I'm about ready to fill in on the right front (growing up the right side). So pretty, I can't wait to get it done but of course, the sleeves are next and to my thinking anyway there isn't much more boring than knitting sleeves.

More squares.........
Horrible photo, shame on me. I was trying to sneak around the corner and in the process didn't have the camera on auto-focus when I thought it was. Bummer! That is Mr. Prince (short for Princeville Nohea) laying on my mitered square sweater in progress. I had laid it on the tile floor in front of a nice sunny window and when I walked off to set the camera down and answer the phone Prince decided that it was most kind of me to lay down something pretty and comfy for him to lay on. My dogs are THAT spoiled so of course it was perfectly logical for him to think that.
I did get the nethergarments (leggings) from the EZ year cast on yesterday. I turned the tube inside out so you could see the knit side (don't tell the purl side but I think it is sometimes prettier!) These will be traditional EZ out of the book, garter ridges to start with and then stockinette on the body of the legs. I'm particularly pleased with the symettrical and neat increases on each side of the two stitches marked out for the center back. I had forgotten that particular trick and doing it again was a nice refresher. That is one of the reasons I decided to go ahead and knit up the September project----- I always learn SO much sitting at EZ's knee that it's always worth it (and more) in the end. I'm about halfway to the knee when I'll increase again towards the thigh, then again towards the hip. Not quite sure about the magic of grafting the crotch stitches and working it all on circs but I'm sure it will be enjoyable. At the very least, these have become much more portable than the mindless squares (until I have sleeves to work on) so it will be the knitting I tuck into my B4Bag and take along with me. LOVE the yarn too, I didn't want anything less than practical superwash but I did want it to be soft, warm and pretty. The Swish from KnitPicks in Lemongrass has been a treat, I'd knit another project with this yarn in a heartbeat!

Closeup of the nethergarments in progress. It was such a treat to finally have enough stitches (barely) to get it on 16" circs. I manage quite nicely on dpi's but I do love the Cruise of the circs.

Now that Jerry Lewis has sung "You'll Never Walk Alone" on the MDA Telethon, it means that I have to put my white pants, purses, shoes and handbags away. Darn shame as it is still over 90 out there and summer shows no signs of the heat abating any. Remember, I am a RULES GIRL, and after Labor Day you just don't wear white! I'm still wondering where the heck the summer went anyway!

I think I will make s'more's tonight just for an end of summer blast---- the gourmet version! I have a couple of homemade marshmallows purchased at St. Louis's finest chocolatier, a few squares of graham crackers and of course a couple of nice little disks of Dove chocolate. YUM!

That said, happy Labor Day, go make your own s'more's and Get Knittin'!


Jenni said...

Love your nether garment beginnings...I'll have to take a picture of what I had done before my accident.

Mr. Prince seems to be enjoying the WIP.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Now, in your sweater, the Kureyon looks beautiful. Love the colors.