Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hump Day

Wednesday dawneth-----company is gone, my desk has a few spots of desk-ness, as opposed to seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. I even managed to knit for a couple of hours last night which was lovely.

The leggings, or should I say leg of the leggings, has almost reached the crotch of one leg and I think at that point I'll cast on and begin the second leg instead of working that one leg toward the hip----- I've become bored to bits with this project and if I don't get going on the second leg I'm afraid this project will be a wip forever!

As far as the Year With EZ goes, I've decided NOT to knit the sweater for next month, not in ANY size. It is a polo style and I have absolutely no interest in it, none! So I'll use the time to finish up the mitered square sweater (which is languishing this past week when I felt as if I was running the B&B) and get the leggings done.

I have horrible startitis calling me I'm afraid, I want so badly to get another sweater going. Silver Belle from Vogue Knits is calling my name as is a simpler mockneck style chunky knit. That's when I know I'm bored beyond reason, all I can think about is what is not on my needles!

One of our younger guests this past week was a 12 year old young man who had just learned the knitting basics at camp over the summer. He was fascinated with my knitting so when I asked him if he'd like it if I would cast on something for him, he excitedly chose a scarf. I dug up some old circs and some yarn from the stash and off he went. It was such a surprise to me that a young man of his age would be such the knitter, but there you go--- no judgments! It was a lovely surprise! When he and his family left for home I went to Knit Picks, bought him some great chunky yarn and a new pair of Harmony circs (lucky kid) and had it shipped to him in NJ. I know he will love it and I sure did enjoy doing it for him.

No photos, please forgive me------ I'll catch up later! For the moment I have another day with brides, thankfully no outdoor engagement sessions in this 90 degree heat! Where in the world did Fall go???


Elysbeth said...

Between you and Knitpicks podcast I am thinking I might need a pair of Leggings. I love when people sound excited about their projects.

Virtuous said...

Yes you must join in on the Silver Belle fun and join the KAL!! :op

Dang! That is one lucky kid!!!
How cute! I love passing on the fun craft! :o)

Jenni said...

Fall is certainly not here in Texas!!! Boy it is hot!

Renée said...

Don't you love being a "Knitting Missionary" spreading the good news of knitting to a new generation? I am still trying to decide about the October project. Seems like I'll still be going round and round with my leggings.

Unknown said...

hey there. i don't think i have your email, so i'll respond here. i didn't catch julie when she was here. too bad for me. i have to keep a closer eye on that. we have a great bookstore - the tattered cover - that records some of the authors on podcasts. they are usually pretty good. check out authors on tape!