Saturday, September 8, 2007


We shall not speak of the bride that was married today. We shall know that despite the schmudge of it all, two mitered squares were knit. That is the Happy Focus. The bride was really, really pretty but what can I say--- sadly it was Skin Deep.

Let's dwell for a moment on LAST weeks bride, who was beautiful, lovely on the inside (where it matters after all!) and sweet as pie. Loved that wedding! I'm bringing promised gown photos. The photo above is Jenn's dress, the bridesmaids kick butt dresses and the roses to match. Just fabulous!

Jenn rocked out in her Vera Wang, even the slip was Wang!

As was the veil. I have to say, the photo does not do the veil justice, it was perhaps the loveliest veil I've seen. Ever. The cut was really nice and the way it MOVED---- poetry. The edge matched the dress, hand sequins. The wind kicked up every once in awhile and the photos of the veil doing it's thing are spectacular.

The weather today was rainy. VERY rainy and so humid it was just hard to draw breath. Yuk. No bride (and this sounds really mean) deserved the weather more! :) They were late for getting ready photos because they were unorganized, so they got few. The limo got a flat tire on the way to the church. When the flower girl kicked the bride and got mud on her dress I knew for a fact that yessirreebob we were in some sort of a Bad Karma Loop. The wedding party were the biggest whiners I have ever encountered and the bride and groom were just, well deserving of rain. The groom forgot to bring the brides engagement ring because he thought now that she was married she wouldn't want it. Riiiiiiiight, that makes sense! So they didn't have it for photos and the bride bitched about it all day. By the time we were into location photography (which was tough, remember RAIN) the wedding party were pretty well drunked up. Lovely. I ducked out of the reception early---- glory be! I'm just glad it is over!

Bride duty next week should be really great, I'm looking forward to it, she is a doll and her fiance is really great.

I would LOVE to write a book about brides Jenni------ it would be simultaneosly hilarious, sad, unbelievable and amazing, punctuated by pants wettingly hysterical moments that continue to surprise and delight me! You know Mama was right when she said that you just can't fix stupid! :)

When we got home before the reception tonight just to download images and freshen up gear (and ourselves, remember RAIN!) on the front porch was my KVV pal's package! I was delighted. I took photos as I opened it (the rest of the staff was delighted by my loss of focus). I will share the photos and details of my unmitigated glee tomorrow. I'm too tired to do it justice tonight. Thanks Alethea........ you're the very best!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. She is beautiful and the dress is too. the photos capture it lovingly. i would be the first in line to read your book! go for it!

Jenni said...

The dress is fabulous and I am glad that she is a sweet girl. I would hate for a bitchy bride to have a dress like that!

When I got married the coordinator said that I was the happiest, calmest bride that she had ever seen (assuming she didn't say that to everone---I don't think so. She was a little old lady from the church). I was surprised to hear it though. Brides must really be a pain a lot of the time!