Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Knitterly Friends Make You Healthy...

What? Like you are telling us something we don't know??? Puh-leeze. I'm working from home today so the Today Show is the mindless sound in the background. Since they just added HOUR FOUR, like we don't get enough as it is----- I had my favorite Ann Curry just chit chatting away on the telly and I heard about her upcoming story. Apparently this evening on the news with Brian Williams (love him!) she is doing a special piece about this group of older women who have been friends for over 40 hears and how their friendship has kept them healthier. Heck, she goes on to say that all women should have great friends to share their lives with!

This is my thought.... if having a few friends in life divides the sorrows and makes you happier and healthier then just how enormously huge is the online knitting community??? Not that onliners replace our local friends--- but wow! I think we should all embrace this as:

  • we should never feel guilty about reading Knit Blogs!
  • local knitting groups are GOOD for our health!
  • Ravelry is practically a prescription for pete's sake!
  • KAL's are probably as good for you as just about anything!
  • Podcasts are also tremendously important for health and well being!

Thanks to everyone I read (and the list is long) as well as those I listen to, I knew you all enriched my life but now I feel positively smug about it!

On a separate but sort of related topic---- I really don't mind that Fourth Hour of The Today Show I suppose, I very rarely will be able to watch it anyway. You can tell their focus and audience will be Women At Home, and isn't it nice that there is something on television that isn't Judge shows, but I wonder about the online chemistry. I love Ann Curry as I said before, and the new host Hoda Kotb is wonderful, she's a good fit with Ann. But Natalie Morales? That chick bugged me from go and having her in the soup is really irritating.

Okay, I'm done.

Get Knittin'!


Renée said...

Totally agree...Ann Curry should have had Katies place, she is great! Online friendships are important to me,too. It is always nice to know that we have a kindred spirit online and ready to empathize with our recent knitting triumph (or hopelessly botched project! LOL)

Jenni said...

Yep...there could be a lot worse ways to spend your down time!!

Virtuous said...

Thanks SO much for that healthy note! Sometimes I do feel guilty about my knitting world!!

Unknown said...

hey - will you share the names of your favorite podcasts? i am interested!

ravelry schmavelry!