Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm a Rules Girl

I hate to have to make this confession, but that makes it no less true! I am a dyed in the wool Rules Girl. If you tell me that I have to turn left and pat my tummy before pulling up in front of the house, chances are I'll do it! The only rule I really don't adhere to is the speed limit but my foot is a lot less heavy than it used to be. (most of the time) So when it comes to knitting, I (sometimes stupidly) make rules for myself. The following in particular seems to be getting a lot of play lately:
  • When knitting in a KAL, knit only with the group:
I don't know why but this one has more weight than it should have! Because I knit along with Elizabeth's Year on the Yahoo group is it a law that I can only knit by the rules? If September has us knitting the leggings, will I lose my Knitter's Card if I don't follow along? I knew that I was going to be hot and heavy with the Mitered Sweater from KnitSimple, and if I cast on for the leggings on Sunday that knitting will cut into my sweatering! However I feel super guilty if I don't follow the knit along. I do not cast on early, I do not wander too far away from the photo of the original garment and I try my darndest to finish on time. (or close to it!)

I've been feeling particularly guilty and I guess this is sort of to smooth my own ruffled feathers. After all, when you knit by the rules the whole experience loses a lot of fun and relaxation! Work is pretty stressful right now so I can't afford to lose out on the fun stuff!

I'm on bride duty tomorrow for a big wedding, with any luck there will be good cake and lots of it! I'd appreciate it if you didn't remind me that the deep fried Twinkies and corn dog I ate earlier in the week have made it a really good idea NOT to eat cake! I'll be knitting Friday evening, more than likely swatching the Swish for the EZ leggings project. With any luck I'll manage to squeeze in some knitting while I bride wrangle and the rest of this holiday weekend just might find me with needles in my hands as well, knitting what makes me happiest at the moment.

Enjoy your weekend! Get knittin'!

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Jenni said...

You've GOT to eat cake...that is one of your job perks! I say go for it....knit the mitered sweater and forget the leggings. I am probably going to frog mine and use the yarn for the October project...if I am knitting by then :(