Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Grief and shame on me!

I can't even believe this much time has passed since a blog entry. Shame on me! In my defense, we are moving the Studio this week so in addition to herding brides and taking care of the business I'm also packing and attending to the move details. Blech and phooey I say. It will be sheer bliss when we get TO the new studio---- it is just the getting there that is wearing me down. We'll be in a FABULOUS neighborhood, both historic and upscale and next door to one of my favorite microbreweries with excellent food. Can't beat that.

I have managed to keep up walking in the Return of Summer (ack), what happened to fall???? And I have new fodder for the iPod, the newly released "Notes From the Universe" from Mike Dooley (www.tut.com)---- love love looooooooooooove Tut and the Notes, so inspiring!

Knit wise I can report that the chunky yarn and the Harmony needles arrived to my young male knit friend and he is just beside himself! He has 3 balls of the way cool yarn and so more than enough to do more than another scarf. If anyone has a downloadable/free design for a simple and cool hat, send 'em on please and I'll tell Logan!

I have FINISHED the mitered square section of the mitered square sweater! YAY!!!!! It looks fabulous. So I've moved onto the first sleeve and absolutely can't wait to get it done!!!! The leggings have moved up to the knee of the second leg of the leggings and while it is a lovely mindless knit, I'm most ready to be done with it.

Sock-wise, I've completely frogged back the socks that were languishing on my needles. Gone. I have decided that with this yarn I'd like to knit Coriolis socks instead, maybe just maybe that will give me the push I need to do more than dust around them. Okay, OKAY---- it isn't like I dust a lot mind you, but by jiggy when I do--- I dust AROUND them! :)

Lastly, do you just LOVE the animated Knitter Me on the sidebar??? Too cute for words! It's from Meez and while I don't normally get into that stuff, this one was a must do! I saw it on "Crimson Purl" blog from Stacey. BTW Stacey, I was out running to the Post Office this morning and swung by Target to get that cute sweater first on your blog. I wanted it in the browny gold but had to settle for the charcoal. Way cute! If you start talking about the Cadillac CTS I'm definitely going to have a problem! :)

I will be back with pics, really and truly I will. It's that TIME CRUNCH again! Sheesh.......................


Jenni said...

I know...I've been behind with blogging lately too!

I can;t wait to see some pictures of some of your knitting (when you get a chancem of course)

Unknown said...

you like tut? i love tut. how funny. there is some weird thing between us. by the by i just received the yarn for the modern quilt wrap from folk style yummy. are you gonna knit that one?