Thursday, September 6, 2007

Collections Cheesoi

Okay, I admit it! Why yes I do have a collection. And, as many collections go it is cheesy. I prefer to say it is "cheesoi" (cheez-wa for those who require pronunciation). I have been collecting thimbles for a really long time. Notice the little thimble shelf--- that should give you a pretty fair idea! But collecting thimbles is a natural if:
  • you sew
  • you overpack and overshop (which generally means that luggage space for the collection is at a premium)
  • you love haunting gift shops for state related goodies

My thimbles are as common as Disney World and as far afield as Belgium! I love them all, each and every member of the Cheesoi Family!

You will notice one of my absolute personal favorites in the center of this photograph in all it's lovely enameled beauty-- it is from the Corn Palace! The Corn Palace is in Mitchell South Dakota and as the name implies (no, I'm not kidding) it is a large building featuring murals on each side MADE OUT OF CORN and about a zillion bushels worth, plus grain, grasses, wild oats, brome grass, blue grass, rye, straw and wheat each year! As if this wonder isn't Gee Whiz enough, they remove the corn from the murals each year and MAKE ANOTHER ONE! They're quite complex and really just flat out amazing. It's no wonder that the Corn Palace is the ONLY one in the whole wide world, and that folks from near and far gather there for sporting events, and stage shows.

You can understand completely why I had to have a thimble from there as well as why it is my favorite. My daughter was 12 at the time and she was really less than impressed that on our cross country road trip she had to stop at the Corn Palace. Like all things I am certain that with some wisdom and womanly aging she will come to understand that making this trip to Mitchell South Dakota was one of the highlights of her life. She only remembers that she had a hamburger in town and that (far younger than 16) I wouldn't let her drive! ACK!

The photo above is from the bonafide website of the Corn Palace and I say thanks!

The older I get the less I find interest in any new collections, actually with 'stuff' in general. I mean, the more you have the more you have to dust, it's true. My Mother used to say that and I just thought she was old and crochety but I have to admit from MY womanly aging that she was spot on. (As usual.) I've been cleaning out the vintage stash of stuff (otherwise known as The Crap) over the summer and have managed to find homes for a lot of Old Stuff that was dusty. I'm feeling lighter of spirit because of it----- just get your hands off of my fabric and yarn, that is sacred ground you know! Oh and purses, you can't get rid of purses no matter how goofy, I mean stuff comes BACK you know?

I'm working on the same work related project that refuses to die and I'm beginning to feel like a very boring drone. In the past 24 hours I think I've logged about an hour to knit and that was divided between the nether leg and the mitered sweater. Hence, neither project actually grew enough to brag about. So I won't.

What I should do is follow my own advice---- Get Knittin'!


Renée said...

Tina, I can't believe I found another thimble collector! I started my collection back when I was quilting, and now have bunches of them! Love it! Wish I had a cute shelf like yours, though! :)

Elysbeth said...

I have to laugh because I've often said "not buying that because it would have to be dusted". My stash is moved and fondled enough that it doesn't collect dust.

About Mag. Mittens, I got my copy at the Library and the mittens worked up so quickly that I didn't even have to renew.

Unknown said...

I like reading your blog too.

I think I am going yarn shopping! Happy weekend. Don’t work too hard. Hi to the brides. (I really wanted to see the $18k vera wang gown but understand the need for discretion. I hope she felt like a princess.)


hapagirl said...

Ohmygosh, how funny! Finally, someone else who has been to the Mitchell Corn Palace (it's a beautiful thing, really). Your post brings back memories of going back to South Dakota to see the family.
By the way, I love your plumeria thimble!