Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where Women Create: The Big Event

Surely I can't be the only one LAMENTING that I've been unable to make plans to go to Where Women Create, their huge Creative Connection event happening in Minneapolis on September 15-17. I wanna go BAD.

 They're giving away passes for 2 and a hotel night------- hop on over and check it out. Even though I have already decided that I WILL WIN, you might as well have the chance too!  :)

Can you imagine the creative goodness???????

I've been dreaming today, yes I have----- about how fabulous it would be to WIN a pass and hotel nights to the Creative Connection. Okay---- it was a real dream because I took a nap at my desk (the shame of it). And I hope my dream comes true.

Can you imagine being at TCC? Surrounded by Jo Packham and ALLLLLLL of those incredible, talented, creative people? I think my head would explode! I'd take my partner in crime along so that we could split it up, be the dynamic duo of trying to see it all and take it all in. We'd be armed with a camera and fresh batteries, a big fat journal and a fresh pen for notes and scribbles---- and of course I'd perform magic sewism to make something new and fabulous to wear. Every day. Well maybe not every day now that is just crazy. We'd meet up at the end of a day and have show and tell, a brain dump of gargantuan proportions. There's not a chance that sleep would happen so we'd probably talk all night. And PLOT. There is always the plotting.

I really, really REALLY want to go. Have I mentioned that before? Probably!  :)

You can submit chances to win as well, and you should. Even though I've already decided that I'll be the lucky one.  ;)  At The Creative Connection website..................

Let's ALL go! The more the merrier I say!


Robin said...

I just bought a lottery ticket so I can go, since you are already winning the pair up for grabs! So meals on me when I win the lotto! Can I join you on plotting? I love to plot :)

tina said...

Yes Rasz---- plotting is better when done in a group. Absolutely! And I'll look forward to that meal!!!