Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post Holiday Blogging

Have I mentioned that it is HARD to get the nose back to the grindstone after a long holiday weekend? The difficulty seems commensurate with the enjoyment, and if this is the case then I had a LOVELY weekend! Which I did.

I did not knit one stitch. I had my knitting in my lap several times but no knitting was accomplished.

  • I did download a couple of darling tunic patterns, print them out and get the pattern puzzles set together, taped up and ready to go. 
  • Fabric for the tunics was purchased, washed and ready to cut out
  • Naps were taken
  • I finished 3 mini canvases
  • put the new dust ruffle on the guest room bed
  • Made the cute little green and white valance for the dinner party bathroom
  • prepared and consumed a great 4th of July meal with family and friends
  • and generally enjoyed life in the summer
Having said all that now that I'm faced with a fresh workday (and halfway through it if I don't stop for lunch)--- I do feel really bad about the knitting because that WAS the plan after all. There was no bike riding because it was flat stinkin' hot------ and although I searched there was no washi tape or pretty twine found.

If nothing else, I've become happy to roll with whatever comes my way in the spirit of joyful flexibility. (Most times).

I'll get to knitting, really I will. HotDamson is calling me!

The photo above is the large 30x30 canvas I finished a few weeks back. I'm still crazy about it, and it's perfect in the room. Things that make you smile are good things indeed!


jen duncan said...

Wow Tina!! I am SO IMPRESSED with that wall canvas! Did you take a class or just get hit by divine inspiration?
I'm also quite impressed that you have a 'dinner party bathroom.' lol!
Glad you're getting so much accomplished. At least one of us is. :-P

Meredith said...

Tina, love the canvas, its perfect. Glad you had a great weekend, these three day weekends should be the law at least twice a month if you ask me.
Have a wonderful day,

Robin said...

Your intentions sound like mine. I go from "planning" to work on one thing to a totally different project! I love it!

Your canvas is BEAUTIFUL! I need to make several large ones for my son's new place...then I get sidetracked, oops.

I mentioned your blog in one of my posts last month. I told the readers that your blog is sometimes about not knitting and about your other creative ventures. Just like this post. That is why I enjoy your blog so much! You are creative in so many ways, including making me smile.
I agree with Meredith on the three day weekend law :)

tina said...

Thanks to ALL! I appreciate your kind words..... and Rasz, heck I talk about everything! :)

PamKittyMorning said...

OMG love it!!