Saturday, July 9, 2011


A week that was a nightmare for someone who works from her computer-- where that electronic notebook holds life itself, both personal and professional. My laptop was already on it's last legs, the blue screen of death coming with ugly regularity. Then.......... before the replacement computer arrived the unthinkable happened. I spilled a diet coke on my keyboard!  After much cursing and the failed attempt at a mop job it became obvious that we do indeed have a problem. I'd backed up my files to a separate location, handwritten down passwords and things that needed to be kept "off site" anyway. When the old laptop started beeping wildly it also decided to do its own thing when a program (like Outlook) was opened.  The short version is that things were deleted in front of my eyes, it was impossible to forward over emails and things, the Outlook backup was a big huge FAIL. Passwords were even changed!!! The end of the story is that now, a week later----- all seems to be as well as it is going to be. The most important things were saved or resurrected in some form. It has been a stressful, terrifying, horrible week. Blast technology anyway.

So today I'm "off", well not working 'on site' ----- and I plan to sew merrily away. The fabric that I purchased last week has been washed and ironed & is at the ready, the patterns printed out and taped into place. Now to decide what fabric to sew up first.......... which tunic shall be the first off the machine.

I'm also working on HotDamson, after a small setback that has had me wondering WHY this project makes me feel like a novice knitter!! On I push.

Vacation happens in a month (sigh) and my goal is to finish Damson and the Eiffel Tower Shawl so that I can start a new project, the Lorna Suzanne sweater. Of course the problem there is that I have ordered the color card and can't decide on a color!

what do you think? 
I'm leaning towards a deep blue....... but the wine color is speaking to me as well. And then, there is the green.....

I couldn't make a decision before............ after my recent week I feel unable to string anything together!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


Megan said...

I sympathize completely with your computer problems. My laptop wouldn't turn on yesterday and I about had a heart attack. I knew I was dependent on my computer, but I didn't realize how much until I thought I'd lost it.

That sweater is super cute. I can't wait to see it, in whatever color you choose.

Meredith said...

I am all about wine color and wine to drink, you can't go wrong with wine.

Robyn said...

short rant
knitters have been brainwashed int o buying yarn in amounts they don't need and colors someone else chooses fro them.
Buy white yarns, or better yet spin your own and then dye to your hearts content to get exactly the color you want.
or support your local spinners and dyers- who spin and buy yarn by the ounce- so you get what you need in the color you choose!

Anonymous said...

You wear a lot of blue so that is why you are thinking blue. But I do remember some wine color in your past. The picture is so pretty I don't see how you can pass that color up.
See , I can't decide either.
Let your gut feeling be your guide.

jen duncan said...

I like the idea of buying buckets of white yarn and then dying the finished product.
This sweater made my jaw drop!! You are quite the artiste!