Sunday, July 31, 2011

Creative Cross Training: CROCHET!

How many times have you heard me say "I don't crochet!".  Lots. I can chain all day long------ but create something? No. And there are things I would love to make, but refer back to I don't crochet.

In the ongoing Creative Cross Training, I'm taking a CRAFTSY course (they all look fabulous) from the fabulous Vickie Howell. She's pretty funny within that 'has to be structured online course kinda' thing'. It's well produced, the customer service is awesome, and it is very well priced.

I'm all about well priced anything, it means you have more $$$ to buy supplies with! 

Time to start the vacation countdown tomorrow, I've already begun to assemble the Happy Bag! (the Happy Bag is the bag that contains the art journals, the art supplies, the knitting, the embroidery, and now the crochet!)  I travel with my laptop so I'll have teachers coming WITH ME on vacay to inject a little Creative Cross Training goodness on the road. The only thing I'm not taking in my beloved sewing machine but she'll be away at summer camp having a tune up. Besides which my two vacay traveling companions would probably draw the line there. When I won't be lazing on the beach with a book or walking into town down those lovely sandy roads for a bite, riding my bike around town, I'll be hanging out on the screened in porch knitting or crocheting or reading or journaling or painting or embroidering. 

How many days? Even though there is a lot of work to be done in order to be able to take some time off, starting tomorrow I'm considering it all vacation. Otherwise it will be over in a flash.

Are you cross training? Would you like to?

Damson is blocking today----- and I'm getting the Tisket a Tasket blocks set with their happy blue and coral sashing----------

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Meredith said...

Tina, I am very excited about the crochet, I am currently loving it. I am a very serious knitter, but I have to say that crochet has really added to my love of yarn and created a fun change of pace for me. It is faster, eats up way more yarn and the design element is just different. Good luck and have a wonderful trip.