Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Knitters- Prepare to be JEALOUS!

Last Thursday night a group of us knitterly types went to (wait for it) THE LOOPY EWE!

We had a GREAT time, despite the thunderstorms that came barreling through. Everyone has a bag of knitted goodness----- and we petted yarn all night! Fabulous!

The photo above was taken by Sherri herself---- we have all kinds of yarny goodness. We kind of look like drowned rats for pete's sake!  Like yarn drunk, drowned rats. 

I had a sighting of Madeline Tosh Light in the wild............. and could not resist her siren song! I purchased a nice fat skein in the colorway "lichen". It runs from a browny/black through deep greens with highlights of purples. It is GORGEOUS.

I'm knitting away on HotDamson and she's ten rows away from the lacy edging! I'd like then (very much actually) to finish Eiffel and move on to using the Madeline Tosh for a new shawl that I'll show off soon.

Isn't it true? Sharing and talking about it sometimes puts the pointy toed shoe in the pokey butt of a kntter.


Mereknits said...

Tina, I would be jealous but I have been doing way too much yarn shopping these past few weeks. Did you see and Malabrigo my new favorite yarn love? I laughed when you say you petted the yarn, I do that too, I also smell yarn, do you?

Anonymous said...

You're right, I'm jealous!

Z said...

I really like yarn. I think I just like the way it feels. Even if I'm not going to buy anything, I just like to touch it.

Love the way it feels!