Saturday, October 4, 2008

You're Cordially Invited!

My MOTHER of all people sent me this in an email! While I'm not wild about forwards, or sharing them------ I had to share THIS!

Most of my blitters know that I work in the wedding industry so I've pretty much either seen it all or heard about it. I have to say that this tickles me. Thankfully this doesn't look like one of "our" brides.

Don't you wonder what he sees in her? Do you think SHE KNITS?????????????


yoel said...

Hey, where'd your mom get a hold of my wedding invitations?!? Hahaha. That is too hilarious.

Virtuous said...

HAHAH!! Oh my goodness!

Hope all is well with you on your end!

Lola said...

Please . . . oh, please don't tell me that is a reall wedding dress!!!

And I hope they didn't have a snafu with extension cords that didn't do what these were supposed to do when hooked up (like the cords that caused my cousin's wedding to be delayed almost 1 hour yesterday, while we were waiting with the sun shining in our eyes).

emicat said...

OMG that photo is too funny...I can't believe that's an actual wedding dress.

Too funny!

Jenny Girl said...

Love it!