Monday, October 27, 2008

Road Trip to New Harmony

When the weekends are free of brides with no work on the horizon, that means only one thing. Time for a restorative, relaxed, stress free, ROAD TRIP!!!

We were supposed to go to Nashville for the weekend but that pooped out through no fault of our own and we'd already rented the car so it seemed meant to be. With a full tank of gas and the day to enjoy, knitting in tow and a fresh cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte it was time to head out, about 2 hours and 15 minutes of driving, a splendid fall day and no work to be done!

My chart keeper did not fit anywhere on the dash but it did sit handily there, stuffed in a grabby spot. Why one needs a grabby spot there is a question for the auto designer, not me. There was no way I could handily accomplish any intarsia on Ravenna (although I am on row 19 thankyouverymuch) so I hauled out my travel bag scarf, The Prismatic Scarf. Only a few rows here and there, much of the time was spent enjoying the leaves, the road, the feeling of getting away.

Out on the boonies in the wilds of Illinois we stopped for a tinkle break and for a bag of something crunchy to hold us over until lunch. Road Ranger------ perfect! I'd never heard of this chain before but it told the tale that day.

The leaves are SPECTACULAR------ not quite peak, we're getting there though!

We have arrived, shortly (and I mean just over the bridge) lies our destination, New Harmony Indiana.

When many towns sort of disappoint from their Web presence, I was immediately enchanted, in love, and excited to explore this beautiful and charming community.

The sidewalks, homes --- well, everywhere--- were surrounded by gorgeous trees showing off for fall.

The visitor center, museum and gift shop lies out along the edge of town, the coolest juxtaposition of the modern and the antique. Being a rules girl I started the day here, not wanting to miss a thing that New Harmony had to offer.

This town is based on spirituality and that feeling of "harmony" still permeates today. I'm walking one of the two labyrynths above, the marble floored modern labyrynth. The boxwood more traditional labyrynth is just outside of the main district and is also completely fabulous. Although a small area in size, walking the maze took about 20 minutes of quiet contemplation. LOVELY! Once I reached the center of the labyrynth before taking the same journey back I stood for a moment in the peace. There was no one in eyeshot in any direction and I was surrounded by this enchanting place. The wind picked up, a soft soulful breeze and it felt as if it was surrounding me and lifting my spirits. New Harmony---- I'm in love!

One of the first thing we came upon was the Roofless Church! It is a brick walled area with lovely trees, lawn, sky and the feeling of peace and beauty everywhere. The sculptures were incredible, both traditional and very modern. They were getting ready to host a wedding and it was set up beautifully, I would love to work here!

Is that just about the most awesome sculpture? Amazing! And definitely not something you would expect on a church courtyard!

This statue, more traditional, was out around the back on the way to the extensive trails for walking and biking. It's a bit of homage to Thomas Merton who I have enjoyed reading for years.

The 'altar' in the Roofless Church............. isn't it fabulous??????

One of the many incredible quotes from Merton, near the statue honoring him. Thoughts like this definitely add to the feeling of the town as a whole.

The sculpture above is underneath the 'altar' area of the Roofless Church........ interesting, enchanting, lovely. I understand that they have a wedding here almost every weekend with multiple weddings on peak weekends. I think I hear the call!

At this point I'm ready to become a resident, very few places have inspired me to know that I could easily live and work here. The locals were warm and friendly and as it is a walking town, the residents gather in the mornings and evenings at one of the local restaurants and especially the coffee house where they cuss and discuss and gather like communities of old.

Part II must be lunch because you know I'm always hungry!!!!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

That roofless church is awesome. love that. I wish Goshen was closer to New Harmony...would love to see it in person!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I told you I loved Indiana didnt I?? If my Boo were to stay there I'd be moving there. But instead you get me there in good old St. Louie.
What a beautiful place that Harmony is though. I'll have to check it out. Looks very peaceful.
Did someone say lunch??

yoel said...

What a sweet little town! It still seems like utopia!

Jenny Girl said...

These photos are beautiful!