Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Road Trip to New Harmony Part Deux

So as we left it was just about time for lunch and New Harmony has some delightful options! We chose the Red Geranium Restaurant, it is part of the large New Harmony center that houses all sorts of groups and I had read great things about it.

Walking toward the Red Geranium, there was incredible architecture everywhere. A feast for the eyes! You can't imagine the number of images captured that day, a mere fraction compared to the ones in my head!

I love split rail fences, they always remind me of trips to Gatlinburg or places in the Great Smokies or along the Blue Ridge. So evocative of a gentler time don't you think? This split rail fence ran near where there is half of an entire (small) street lined with very, very old log cabins. The cabins are locked and you can not enter unless you take the tour. Reasonably priced at $9.00 for adults, we didn't partake due to time constraints. I would LOVE to take it the next time we go.

It looks like we've arrived for lunch! The Red Geranium was a lovely establishmebnt, great smells and friendly people! When we got there we had to wait a bit while the hostess took a phone call from some of their 'regular ladies' who wanted to make sure they could stay and play cards in front of the fireplace after their scheduled meal. Sign me up!

The menu was really yummy sounding and I couldn't decide. I took our waitresses suggestion and ordered the meatloaf, fingerling potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Let's be serious, it looks good and tasted better! The meatloaf was about 5 inches high and redolent with a bit of rosemary and thyme. I couldn't finish half of it but it went home with me for dinner that evening, still a delicious treat!

Town Hall!!!! How great is that? I loved the sign, the clock and everything about this lovely community that had that homey feeling!

I stopped at a small gallery (one of many) along the way to purchase a pair of pewter earrings. They're french wires and the discs are about an inch in diameter----- of a labyrynth. Truly unique and wonderful! While there I purchased a copper labyrynth on a leather necklace for a gift.

I can't get enough of the weather, the leaves, the blue sky and the town itself, walking around is balm for the soul.

I have to stretch the trip out to one last day................... reliving it makes me want to go back right this minute!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with us!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

What a beautiful place. But........did you say Red Geranium???? I must go there for sure!!! The plate O food looks delish.