Monday, October 13, 2008

First Bride of the Knit

Yes, in the first installment of the Knitting Bride series this week I bring you Kristin. She was a lovely bride, and a little sassy as you can see by the pics.

At the time I had knitting to haul to her wedding shoot, Wisteria was not yet quite done and there was no way I could sling out an entire sweater minus a bit of the last sleeve. What went along was the Pi Are Square Shawl=== certainly not a lot further along than the last time you saw it. But, does it not look quite fabulous with the fall colorings? Yummy that rusty tone!

Kristin's dress was sort of a cross between a tulip shape and a mermaid shape. Very heavy with the beads and spanglies along the hem of the tulle layers. Her veil was quite plain and drove her crazy so it was ditched after the ceremony.

Pi Are has gone back into semi-hibernation while I finish the usual zillion things on my desk and try my hardest to get Boogie OFF my needles. (This I believe will happen this evening but that depends on the relative solace I can find to do my three needle bind off on the shoulder seams).

The bottom of the Ravenna Satchel has been completed and the back is cast on and sitting for the happy end of Boogie to give it adequate attention. I'm already bored pretty crazy of black stockinette in it's pre-felted condition for the back and bottom of this great bag. Thankfully with doubled worsted weight and size 15's it zooms along nicely.

Get knittin!


Virtuous said...

Luv that 1st sassy pic of the bride!! Haha!

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

sassy bit of dress, that.
I need a pi are square.

Jenny Girl said...

Now that is what I call a knittin' bride. And she can certainly wear that dress!