Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wanted: More Chaise Time

So who doesn't want more chaise lounge time? Please! A slam dunk if ever there was one. My chaise is above, I've been spending every non-working moment there (although there are never enough!) In progress is the super down and dirty knitted vest pattern from the archives of "Boogie". The blue is picking up a lighter cast due to the flash, it is in reality a true and deep navy blue. The back is almost done in this chunky yarn with the front hopefully to cast on tonight. I left the front for last as the miles of plain old stockinette knit would have driven me crazy after knitting the cable pattern on the front.

I promised I'd get that out of the way before beginning the Ravenna Satchel that I'm so anxious to get started. My colors are below MINUS a pop of orange that I can't find just the right shade of. A trip to my LYS will happen this week to find the perfect thing.

The back, bottom and sides of the bag are the 'coal' (bottom), in clockwise fashion the 'cloud' (cream) is the front, the 'jalapeno' will be the leaves, 'blackberry' are the smaller flowers, and 'cranberry' is the large center flower motif. As I said, accents will be the orange soon to come. As always the camera does a less than perfect job of displaying the colors accurately. I'm pleased with the colors, overall I think it will 'read' in the berry tones.

Back to work for me, with a bit of push there should be time on the chaise later this evening!


yoel said...

I have a fainting couch. My cat used to own it. Then she stopped liking it one day, and now it is mine again! Hehehe.

Jenny Girl said...

Ahh to spend all day knitting.
I like your color combo for the satchel. I would be a bit nervous about a cream background, but it will make the flowers stand out beautifully.
I'm a clutzy slob and don't wear white becasue of it:)