Saturday, October 11, 2008

Knit on a Happy Face

We're lucky as knitters, as quilters or as creative people. Without a doubt we do put on a happy (or happier) and more peaceful face when we are in the process of creating. For me the process of knitting is even more important in these crazy times.

I've always been a process knitter, how about you? "They" say that knitters (and I believe it translates to other creative endeavors) are either driven by the process or the product, that is to say the creation or the final outcome. Because I usually have something in a knitting bag somewhere that speaks to the mindless knit (like the miles of knit stitches in my eternally in progress Pi Are Square), the desire to just be able to pick up a project and enter Zen with very little effort. Knitters and creators of personal art everywhere are saying that they NEED to enter this zone of peace and creativity. The act of this creation, for me the KNIT, is not only satisfying to create 'something' but the act itself is bliss. That bliss space is much needed as the world seems to be spinning out of our control.

On a really great front, gas prices are falling, yay!

Unleaded Gasoline Average Prices
St. Louis USA Trend
One Week Ago
One Month Ago
One Year Ago

Less spent on gas = More spent on KNIT!

The lovely navy blue knitted happy that is the Boogie vest is nearly ready for the armhole decreases on the front. I have every hope to have it finished by the close of Monday, Columbus Day (known to me as No, I'm Really Not Working Today). This simple vest is really cute, super easy, and as close to mindless as a single cable column can be. Don't get me wrong, I'll be glad to get it done because the next project in the queue is intarsia! It's a bit hard, my advance copy of the sequel to "Friday Night Knitting Club", "Knit Two" has arrived and it calls me to sit and have a good read. So far it is quite good and promises to be a wonderfully satisfying read.

Big wedding today, hopefully there will be a knitting bride. I have cheated you of the knitting bride from last week---- it has been a crazy few days. Maybe this week will be a double-header!

Remember now more than ever to count your blessings and pass one on......................... and GET KNITTIN'!


Virtuous said...

I know I am a product knitter! ;op
But you are right this is a time when are craft really comes in handy as it can ease our nerves!

Gurl I WISH gas here was at $3.15!!!!! Can't wait to see that again here!
Right now we are happy with our $3.59 but hopeful to see it close to $3.00 again!

Hope the wedding goes very well tomorrow!!

Jenny Girl said...

I don't think I am a process knitter yet. But I am definitely getting there. When I look at the finished product and say I made that, I am so proud.
Plus knitting helps to not maime others :)
Happy knitting on Monday!

yoel said...

I'm looking forward to this week's %$^%(* knitting bride!

Also, you have an award on my blog!