Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Dragon.........Draggin

Monday is behind me, you would think that I'd be caught up. Not so. Further behind if that is even a possibility.

While we sort through the images from the wedding last weekend I'll share one of the high (or low?) points................ the bride was, shall we say, detailed. Her cake was in the thousands and thousands of dollars and featured embellishments, crystals to be precise, from France. As in the country not the bakery. After we had arrived at the reception, inexplicably in a tent without heaters on a very cold October evening------ it was discovered that the cake had been in a car accident. Thank heavens the delivery drivers were not hurt, however the cake was not so lucky. By the time the cake miraculously arrived at the reception very late in the evening it was in critical care. To be honest the best thing to do should have been to go to the local grocery store and buy a freakin' sheet cake, but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, no says the bride. The cake that arrived looked like it had been patted back together from a million fragments with spackle and frosting. Obviously no one actually ATE it, although it was served.

My dogs are sick (again)............ this time we seem to have the puppy flu that comes along with very loose.......... well you know. I'm so tired of cleaning up dog mess I could scream. The carpet shampooer that was purchased when I returned from Phoenix has not only paid for itself and then some but has taken up permanent residence lately. Sheesh.

On the knitting front, I frogged the 9 rows of intarsia from the Ravenna Satchel. I think I was too distracted and it went rather badly off course. I don't find a way to nicely and neatly frog back intarsia in a way that has a saving grace at the end so I just destroyed the whole thing and have now cast on again and completed the first purl row. I'm kind of bummed to be honest.

Regardless----------- we all forge ahead, does it seem that forging is what we do best?


Virtuous said...

Forge ahead! Keep pushing!
Things always get better! :o)

yoel said...

Poor doggies, poor you, and poor carpet shampooer! (Funny, the word verification for this comment is ymfurr)

I can't believe you finished that giant boring black back panel on the sachel. Too bad about frogging the intarsia though...

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Must be nice to have that kind of cashola to spend on freakin cake huh?? me I would have went to Costco and bought me a killer cake there. Saved my thousands.
I'm sorry your doggies are sick. I can't stomach cleaning up that poo. Oops did I say that??