Friday, October 3, 2008

Bags and Tags

Tags first!

I'm not a huge fan of the tag/meme but in the spirit of dear Meezermeowmy who tagged me, I'll play UP TO THE POINT where I have to tag others. At the moment I'm having a moratorium of sorts. (Please forgive me Meezer!)

7 Random or Weird Facts about Myself:

1. I still do not have an enormous YARN or FABRIC stash----- it is amazing to me! It comes in, it gets used. Mostly!
2. I am really not all that self controlled
3. I love a sandwich of bread/mayo/cheese slice/dill pickles----- in the buff, no toasting. The sandwich not the Contessa. Kind of weird but yum!
4. I really do like to clean house (when I have time, which is rare these days)
5. I LOVE the smell of original Pine-Sol
6. I am a crazy note-maker, I mean I have notes for everything. I even have notes to remind me to make notes. Hey, it works.
7. I wish that I could downsize overnight---- just sort of up and go. Sounds blissfully uncomplicated!
8. BONUS fact: The worst thing I do yarn related is generally buy too much yarn for a project. I'm terrified that I will run out. Then I end up with yarn that I'm tired of, that I have used, and normally not enough for a second project. (Except in the case of Wisteria where I will have enough WOA for a vest, third in the queue).

The dining room table is set for dinner guests, very fallish isn't it? These guests are best friends who have simple tastes and they've requested one thing for dinner----- Corn Chowder. Toss in a simple salad and some really good bread and you have a deal! Maybe chocolate cake for dessert.

The bags? In my queue is the Ravenna Satchel from Marti McCall and I can't wait to start it. Marti says that she knit and felted hers, not to mention had it constructed it in 10 days. While that makes me feel like a virulent underachiever it also gives me hope that I will not be felting this enormous and gorgeous bag forever and a day.

Isn't that one gorgeous satchel? I'm changing the colors a bit and I'll post them when they have arrived. Think a creamy background against the black and the flowers are a wine and purple and deep green. (I am actually glad that the yarn is still en route as that last bit of Wisteria is still being knit!) Only one half of the sleeve cable pattern remains and two measly ends to weave in before a good wet block.

On another BAG note, after many requests I'm finalizing bags for sale! Great fabrications, great shapes and perfect for knitters, quilters and bag-a-holics. Stay tuned!

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Jenny Girl said...

I love cheese sandwiches. With or without the pickle. I also have the extra yarn buying gene.
That bag is big and adorable!