Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taxes in the Sprit of Things

Well in the true spirit of things I will confess that I really am not all that fond of taxes, the paying them or most especially the doing of them. Even when (thank heavens) there is a tax professional that is responsible for the 'doing' part, the collecting and collating and organizing and all that is quite hefty. Small business, gotta love it. It also brings about year THREE (ack) of the promise to myself that I will invest in Quick Books instead of the folder for each month neatly broken down into categories and added into totals. It works, but my accountant always looks at me like I have a rotary dial phone at home or something. Which of course I do not. I don't have a phone at home, just my cell which I can ignore much more easily--- I hate phones.

So taxes are taxing and they are what they are. They will all get together and I can move on to something else. Which for those of you doing the Ekhart Tolle book is a very bad statement which means I am not enjoying the now and want to move to something else. Which I do.

Such the conundrum.

Check this out------ I was sitting in the sewing room last night in a last ditch effort not to be working on the taxes and going through the pile of UFO's that are fabric related. I pulled out this old wallhanging top, maybe 4 years old or so? I loved the panel at the time and for some reason put it together with a rather blah lineny fabric. Which I hated then and hate now and more than likely why it is folded in the back of a drawer. Upon rediscovering it, I still like the panel very much---- they do have their place after all! Digging out some black marble fabric from the stash I think I will rip off the nasty linen and re-sash with the black Moda.

Right after I finish the taxes.


Lisa Boyer said...

I love the wallhanging! But we just did our taxes with our CPA yesterday. Perhaps it's something about the gloom of taxes that makes us appreciate the subtle nuance-y toned colors again. Tax fever?

Ruby said...

I love it! I'm with you on the taxes also, except I no longer have anyone to do them for me. So it's another year of waiting until the last minute.

Jenni said...

I did taxes yesterday. My hubbie always acts like it is no big deal, but then it takes me hours!

jen duncan said...

My mother, THE quilter in the family, has this very wallhanging in her living room. She used dark sashing, too. I think the freemotion machine quilting is what makes me fall in love all over again with it every time I go to her house and see it again. :-)
We're reading Mr Tolle now and no where do we get the message that we should be enjoying that NOW is tax time. Tax time sucks. Now. Next year. Last year. Whenever. It just sucks. I think you should just work on revamping that wallhanging and hand off the taxes to someone who enjoys doing it. Now that's LIVING in the now! :-)

Unknown said...

i LOVE the square with the bunny and the little house. i must have a folk american bone or two in my body.

the linen doesn't do much for it. i am sure the black will make it pop for you.

lately, i am feeling the weight of the ufos. i am going to start by getting all of the easter stuff given away this year. really. with two weeks to go, that should be doable!