Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Need a WayBack Machine!

Oh Mr. Peabody------------ turn on the wayback machine! I am not entirely sure when I want you to set the dial to, that remains the only problem. I'd ask Sherman, but we all know that boy only gets us into trouble!

Why the wayback machine? I'm weary today I guess. Sad and weary. At a local Starbucks in a neighboring town two average looking white late teens came in for a latte. Happens everyday. Except the boychild decided to steal the tip jar. The TIP JAR for pete's sake! When a man, a well respected member of the community tried to do the right thing and pursue the kids, they ran him over in their car and killed him. I do not believe for one moment that when he woke up he thought that would be the last time he saw his home, his friends, his family. That he would die for doing the right thing. I also don't believe that the kids thought past coffee. Why in the world would you be motivated to steal a tip jar (they got less than five dollars) and then KILL someone?
Two suspects in a Starbucks robbery, which resulted in the death of a Good Samaritan, are in police custody.

From the local news affiliate:

Crestwood police said the suspects are from an Atlanta suburb and have been staying at hotels in the St. Louis area. Officers arrested them in St. Louis.

Prosecutors have not filed any charges in the case.

Officers released surveillance video of the supsects earlier in the week hoping the public could help them track down the suspects.

Police said a woman walked into a Starbucks store on Watson Road and bought coffee Monday. After she walked out, the man she was with, stole the tip jar and ran out of the store.

Roger Kreutz, a customer at the store, ran after the man. The male suspect hit Kreutz with the getaway car. Kreutz died Wednesday from his injuries.

Police said the manager of the store believed there was only about $5 in the tip jar.

So you see.............. I'm weary of so much of this sadness, so much of this blatant disregard for life.

We need cookies, we need milk. We need hugs and handmade goodness. I agree with Eckhart Tolle, we ARE all collectively part of the entire human condition, certainly we can turn around this mess. It is all about the love, certainly the love can cure us?

Can't it Mr. Peabody?


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Yesterday I called my husband from my car and said I hated life. It was a low moment. Teenage girls getting killed at college campuses and me supposed to send mine in the fall? Babies killed by grown men? Local woman with a 3 and 6 year old and $7,000 worth of heroin? Now a motor vehicle homicide for a $5 tip jar.

A lot of people laughed at Bush when he said he wanted more Walton's and less Simpson's. I'm not laughing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about love being able to cure all. We tend to use love as a bandaid catchall phrase, to the point that its grossly overused and abused, and so many people are unaware of what it really means... but I certainly think that we need to get back to basics... basic human decency.

Im with you on feeling a bit disillusioned, but Im chalking it up the winter blahs/blues.

Sarah B. B. said...

It is disillusioning. This is all over the news here in Atlanta, as well, along with two other stories about young women in college who were murdered this week. Definitely not something that will give you faith in your fellow person. :(