Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

So, the deal is that for a couple of days I've just been lower than low----- lower than the slowest pig to the trough! (Sorry, rather ancient Texas saying) Feeling tired, cold, full of gray and rainy and as if that isn't bad enough, today is Easter and for the first time in my adult life I have no plans. None. The heck with even a small Easter something, try nothing!!!! I even have to work for a few hours, when an excellent client calls for photos of her children and family at first communion, well you make it happen and I know she will appreciate it. And it SNOWED this morning! Snow for pete's sake! I'm well and truly over the snow, never mind that it should be against the law for one single snowflake to fall on Easter!

I didn't work a bit yesterday, well at least on anything that brings in the bacon. Instead armed with my iPod I decided to roll up my sleeves and put the fix on the upstairs bath. Remember the squirrel that ate the whatever around the doohickey on the roof and made the roof leak? Yes, that. The goop and tape had been troweled on and had fully dried and I couldn't put it off any longer, I tried, really I did. And the leak had left a nasty bit on the ceiling in there as well. Trudging up and down the ladder a booboozillion times the patch was sanded as smooth as possible. That was followed by the vacuuming because the mess was pretty bad and I didn't want it to spread. Lastly the paint------ done and done. I must say, it looks pretty darned good! I'll have to re-do a few of the fleur d'lis stamps in there but for the most part that is done. As far as the ceiling goes I just think that somebody has to smack me upside the head. Hard! I hate to paint the ceiling, hate it hate it hate it! I refuse to paint the ceiling, always have. So to cover the leaky part and not wanting the body breaking paint job, I decided to WALLPAPER the ceiling. Right, wallpaper. Surely that is far easier, a much finer solution that to paint!! Remember--- a 100 year old house so a paper that looks like vintage tin seemed a good idea. I am chock full of good ideas apparently! I had done the same treatment in the downstairs bathroom in 'strips', the same as papering a room. It was dreadful, so I decided to cut the recent paper job into pieces that would emulate the 4x4 tile squares of real tin. It was a HORRIBLE thing, just the worst. Hard to maneuver the ladder in the bath/shower area, and it is a ceiling for heaven's sake! HELLO!!!!!! You would think that the squares would be the same from all angles but this was not to be true. It turned into a production to get the drippy squares of wallpaper turned (and turned) so that they were all going the right way. If I were wallpapering the floor it would have been a walk in the park! My arms ache, my shoulders ache, my neck is killing me and I'm cranky. Ack.

The upside of course is that the bathroom is done! And I got caught up on a few podcasts and was able to listen to some of my tried and true hard at work faves from the music side. The other good thing is of course that the bathroom had to be cleaned (and more than a lick and a promise) after the job, so it sparkles. I'm thinking of making it a museum now complete with velvet ropes to discourage entry.

What is always on my iPod to listen to when I feel low? Vintage Johnny Rodriguez and not the happy "Love Put a Song in My Heart" stuff either, nooooooooooooooo------ "Faded Love", "It's Over", the tearjerker stuff! Or Vern Gosdin, honey there is nothin' like "Is it Raining at Your House?" Along with some really old school country. Twangy stuff. I think it harkens back to the day when I lived in Del Rio Texas and nothing put a smile on like a Friday night at the local honky tonk, drinking beer out of a Mason jar and two stepping around the dance floor. The days my friends, the days! Don't ask me why but it has to stay on the iPod, just because. What other music is a staple? Michael Buble, Daughtry, Van Morrison, and Nicole Mullen.

What music always 'does it for you'? Do you have constant friends that play during sad/happy/blue/crazy/sweet times of your life? Is there a tried and true playlist that is the soundtrack to your life?

Tomorrow, I'll post my Seven Random Facts as instructed by Bari---- until then, Happy Easter!


jen duncan said...

Hey girl! Well, with no plans you've got plenty of time to check in at SL today. right? Don't eat too many chocolate eggs, and if you DO; wash 'em down with vodka like I do. LOL!
Music...oh yes, a particular song can put me RIGHT THERE be it 1968 or 1983. For a short time I'd come home from a Friday night out (1975) and find my mom listening to Al Green and writing her will out on lined binder paper. OH the DRAMA! Now I keep Al in my Treadmill Mix and listen to him in an upbeat way (which IS a challenge; Ain't it funny, how time just slips away?)
Wallpaper the ceiling is something that even I know better than to try. ARGH your shoulders and neck...I can't even imagine! Well, I bet it looks absolutely fabulous.
Hey, did you change to a fancy font here on the blog? It's showing up as my computer's default font, which isn't something I think you'd pick. That's why I ask. Happy Easter to you! Hey, since you're feeling so domestic (love the idea of velvet roping the bathroom!) maybe you can knit up so egg cozies? ;-)

PamKittyMorning said...

Ahh yes, the blue days. I hate those really, except when you feel good it makes it so much sweeter. Love the roped off bathroom. We had new cabinets and sinks etc put in our main bath and had to remind darling daughter not to 'ruin' it all while she is here this weekend. The rope would have prohibited that.

Wallpaper anywhere is crazy talk... hope you're perked up soon.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Days of Future Past, The Moody Blues. It goes back to my childhood, and my favorite year and usually can lift me from about any funk.

Anonymous said...

Listening to the Gipsy Kings always gives me a lift - very joyous and bouncy.