Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Knit This

I couldn't sleep last night. I'd sat knitting for a couple hours very happily working on "Twilight", my 2 at a Time Socks project. Nevermind that at my current rate of speed I'm going to have these socks done in time for winter (of '09)---- it is okey dokey. I just have a few too many irons in the fire at the moment!

In a fit of spring organization (I don't know why as it is raining and cold again) it was necessary to haul tubs from the basement that were filled with spring clothes and change out the winter clothes. It is sort of like my recent computer Seussing project but actually more enjoyable). Regrettably, in the course of things, and because I am a horrible klutz, I jammed my right hand and knitting is for the moment not a very doable activity. Crap on Toast indeed! Because knitting was not a happening thing, nor was sleep I sat in front of my computer. Where else to go but Second Life? (And for all of you who haven't explored it, I can't tell you enough what a kick it is!)That is me in my Rhonda McCullough persona, sitting on the bench and knitting away.

Look what I found!! A groove little knit kiosk in SL called KNIT THIS. You can just search it and it'll pop right up for you in the SL mode. You can transport right over. I was captivated by the knitting needles that actually WORK---- along with some other offerings like cute little knitting bags, bowls of yarn and needles, etc. Too cute!

It is raining again here which means the trip home from the studio will be a damp one. Ack. With luck my hand will heal quickly and I'll be back in the groove. It is amazing how slow and silly you are operating in the solo mode.


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

As long as you;re done with the first pair by the time the second book releases. Assuming there IS a second book.

Jenny Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your hand :(
Feel better soon. And hey, you will finish those socks when you finish them. Nobody said there was a time limit. You are teaching yourself a new skill, so you can't be fast.

Anonymous said... biggest fear right now since I am knitting a huge wedding shawl/veil for my daughter's June wedding. Hoping your hand heals quickly! Hugs!