Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tolle to Presley

Anyone else reading Tolle's " A New Earth"? I'm dutifully reading, highlighting and flagging. I want my novel to be picked up by Oprah's bookclub what can I say.

A great read, although I think a bit hard to sink into in spots. Intriguing.

My final comment is that if I EVER start to look like Priscilla Presley with the way too dark hair and those scary eyebrows and kabuki white skin, please stop me. Schedule a very firm intervention. Please. I'm so happy that on Dancing With the Stars she was not as frightening as she usually looks.

The sun is shining on the first day of spring with a high of 62! Spring might be on the way after all! Work calls and a long day it is. It will not be like wrangling the bride in the current issue of Vogue that I just blogged about on the business side---- a 10 page spread featuring a jet set bride marrying in a 200K dress in Cartagena. Quite the destination wedding, quite. There are moments I do enjoy a life that is quite a bit simpler, you know what they say, the bigger the wedding the more problematic the bride!


Unknown said...

hey tina. no eck tolle yet...but if you recommend it. perhaps a good book to someone who is traying her level best to awaken to her life's purpose!

do you have another business blog - love to read more - or do i just need a little more coffee to come to?

Virtuous said...

I call myself going to do the "cliff note" version of this by watching the Oprah Live Webcast, but after signing in on the 1st one and then getting kicked out I haven't been watching.
I keep saying I am going to go back and listen to the 3 that have already been published.

Are you signed up for the web class??

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Priscilla is just plain old scary looking to me. What do ya think Elvis would think of her??