Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Monday

Okay, on with Bari's request----- I love Bari's blog as much as I love her gorgeous lustable bags and because if nothing else I am dutiful--- I will honor her and give 7 random facts about me. Which as I told her is pretty funny because I am so blabbingly honest in the first place!

1. I hate my neck. I know, I know -- I always say that but any list of mine would not be complete without leading off the pack with that fact!

2. I do not like the flavor of raspberries OTHER than real raspberries. Like raspberry candy, or in a cocktail or something? Nasty.

3. I always try to participate in the Fab Shop Hop----- and have since day one. I never have time mind you, and since the group of quilt shops to be visited grows each year it does take lots of time! But it is mindless fun that I get really competitive with myself over. When I was 'in' the Hop, all those folks who emailed to ask where the bunny was drove me crazy. For the record, the Hop that is almost finished---- I found all those little suckers! (And spent a little money along the way!)

4. There are two crafty things that I seem unable to do. At ALL. I can't shuttle tat to save my life (I can needle tat, well the basics anyway) and I am the worlds worst crocheter. Both are like advanced mathematics, I have a brain jam against them.

5. My favorite color is red. Pink comes in close but only because it is the summer version of red.

6. If I had all the time in the world I would hand applique and knit lace more because I really enjoy it.

7. If I could buy just one thing (regardless of the cost or space required) for my beloved sewing room it would be a long arm quilting machine. Oh yeah. A knitting machine for the slodgy stockinette parts would be pretty great too!

Three more to tag says the Queen of Purses----- so, spill it Pam, Melissa, and Jen.

Oh, one last thing. The lovely photo above? Of the daffodils in the park? The park actually doesn't look like that at all. The pic was taken last year, 2 weeks earlier actually! It just goes to show you how late spring is making an appearance this year. As they say hope 'springs' eternal, I am clinging to the fact that spring WILL come.

Just not fast enough!


Lisa Boyer said...

Hang on, Spring is almost here! Thanks for sharing your seven--that was fun...

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Is it warming up yet???? I am doing the sun dance for you over here.

Lolly said...

beautiful photo! i wish i had all the time in the world to knit and weave ;) thanks for sharing your list! i am trying to think up one of my own and i am finding it quite challenging...