Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fab New Bag

The Bernina is home and with it came a burst of creative energy. (Some actualized and some in the planning stages). You might remember that the bag itself was in the works when the sewing machine gave up and started doing that whole bobbin tension loopy bit thing. Ack. So when the machine came back from its' extended stay at the shop I was sort of afraid to work on the bag again. Remember----- heavy Timtex construction, the bottom itself has two layers plus the adjoining layer. With some trepidation, I dove in. I did remove a seam allowance worth of the Timtex in the remaining parts of the bag. So---- it is done, right down to the black leather handles! Firm---- lightweight---- pretty great looking I think!

I did listen to your comments and used the previously auditioned Japanese print, the contrast band is the French handwriting. An interesting juxtaposition, make it fresher I think.

There she is again---- just because I really like looking at it!

The side profile is not too chunky, and the bag sits nice and tall---- I wanted the contruction to be 'tight'--- no slouching. I have a tote in progress that is very softly constructed, slumping and slouching to be expected and perfectly okay!

I'm so pleased that I can indeed put a whole sweater in the body of the bag without having to scrunch it up too much! That is Cable Luxe in there, the back, the front and one sleeve (minus an inch)............ plus two balls of yarn and a little zippy bag with the necessaries d'knit.

Painting is done--- yay! I have a couple little spots to touch up, you know what happens when you put a rich deeper color over a very light shade. Then I'll rehang prints and the quilt that are in this room. So far I just love it, very warm and cozy! I did take some photos of before so later I can show and tell the before and after.

Moving on we have "Twilight" from Two at a Time Socks. Melissa---- as always your encouragement (and whip cracking???) keep me at it.

Woo Hoo--- about an inch on the socks past the ribbing. It seems so much slower, but I do have to stop to remember that TWO socks are in progress instead of a solo.

I'm knitting. A bit sporadically (remember, painting happened yesterday!) and trying to give this whole two at a time thing a fair shot. So far so good.

The near 80 degree temps are a dim memory as I look out the window and watch it snow. and snow some more. Weather pundits are calling for 6-8. I hope they are miserable liars. I have now entered the old lady zone where life remembers the past. Did I really call Hawaii come? Was it lovely almost every day with never a whisper of snow and ice and cold? Could Orlando weather have been as wonderful this time of year as I remember?

Hope your weather is far more wonderful and your day is productive, happy and completely fab!!!


Anonymous said...

hi! it's me, tammy! i'm leaving you a comment!

the bag is fabulous! i really need to just get my sewing machine out of the box and learn to use it. it's so overwhelming but i want to make pretty things like this!

i'm lovin' the snow, but only if it gets me out of work!! :D

Lolly said...

LOVELY! i really like the fabrics together!

Rachel said...

Weather pundits are calling for 6-8. I hope they are miserable liars.

They are miserable liars. There is at LEAST 9 inches and still snowing furiously. *ducks* That bag is fabulous!

Barbara-Kay said...

Love the purse - great job of executing a fab design.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I LOVE the bag!!

Now back to work (cracking whip gleefully and laughing cruelly)!

Jenny Girl said...

The bag came out great! And looks are deceiving because it doesn't look as though it would hold all that stuff!
I love it!!!