Saturday, March 8, 2008

Forcing Cheer

Cheerfulness is a highly underrated personality trait, and sometimes a bit of forcing, or 'faking till you make it' seems in order. Today is one of those days I guess. Around the land of blogs and life in realtime the talk certainly is that this long and grim winter (unless you are lucky Lisa who lives in Paradise. (sigh) Yes it is boogerin' cold, and I'm sick to bits of winter but spring is not far behind, it just can't be.

I've ordered some new spring clothers, a couple pair of cute little pedal pushers, some simple and cute tops, and even a jacket that will be tres chic while bride wrangling. Let us not forget those great leopard shoes that I have not been able to wear because of the piles of slush and muck.

Then, consider that the clocks spring ahead tonight. Nothing says spring is almost here like missing an hour of sleep! That bump of the head on the pew in front of you as you doze off surely means that spring is on our doorstep!

I have had an enforced news moratorium the past couple of days and that always perks me a bit. Instead I've found a new and curious addiction, "Second Life". I'm currently lazing my computer generated self in a cushy chair on a beach in Hawaii. I should be knitting! I think in the past day I've knit a mind boggling row on my "Twilight" 2 at a Time Socks......... I just can't settle in to the art of the knit. OR the quilt if the truth be told.

And to my joy, I went through the boxes of patterns in my sewing room and did come upon my favorite pattern for pants. These were called palazzo's in the day and currently they seem to just fall into the 'wide leg' category. So flattering they are! I am in the process of finding just the right fabric to make a couple of pairs. The problem with that is that the really good fabric stores have disappeared leaving in their wakes stores that sell more crap than fabric and the fabric they do have is novelty fabric or that of poor quality.

The palazzo pants/wide leg pants and their flatterability is most important because if the truth be told I've not been walking this winter, not gone to the gym enough and I am suffering from a dreadful weight creep.

Enter a new Pilates chair and promises to turn the tide.

And dangitall, I'm going to be cheerful about it!!!!

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KnittinChick said...

I agree! Forced cheerfulness is important these days. I work Sunday mornings so Spring Forward is dreadful. I'm going to wear bright colours to make up for it this morning:-)