Friday, October 12, 2007

The Dynamic Path----- Legacy???

This morning on my way out the door to finish packing up for the wedding today, The Today Show had on an exceptional interview that I stopped to watch. It was with Meredith and author Jim Citrin, who penned "The Dynamic Path" focusing on the making of a true champion.

Champions in this context were those who had arrived in stages to a status that was noticed, appreciated and honored by others. A true champion is a Nice Person who cares for others, I agree Mr. Citrin!
  • Stage 1: The Champ
  • Stage 2: Great Leader
  • Stage 3: The Legacy
Mr. Citrin used the examples of Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Bono as he described a life lived in such a way that a champion in almost any field can achieve greatness used to benefit humanity.

Wow, inspiring at the very least.

Steps along THE DYNAMIC PATH are:
  • Grow or Perish
  • Build on experiences and accomplishments
  • Focus on the success of others
  • Play to your strengths and interests
  • Find a worthy and relevant cause
Personally I believe that if we all stopped to think of ourselves as champions of our own lives it would make us more easily step up into the role of leader and on to legacy. No matter what you do from the incredibly important stay at home Mom to the CEO of a company --- being a leader is important to show others how to live lives of meaning and success. To become a legacy seems at first thought nearly impossible to the ordinary person, but everyone wants to leave a legacy behind from a life well lived.

I'll be visiting and buying "The Dynamic Path" very soon! After all, building a legacy requires a bit of effort! I may not be Bono anytime soon but I bet that you would join me in taking steps to encourage others, to be a good example and to care for those around me. Dynamic knitters unite!

Today brings a Friday wedding, or wedding eve for the Saturday wedding tomorrow! What can I say, generally in October it is raining brides indeed. I have to confess I'm already thinking about cake, how sad is that???? I want to eat a Cake Legacy, yeah that's it! I know I am up to the challenge!

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