Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Power of Words indeed...

The new Studio location is in a historic area, we're the top floor of a re-habbed old building with a mural painted on the side. The photo above is an area of the mural, the words are so lovely aren't they? Words are incredibly powerful, just one of the reasons why we all love blogs.

Here it is, Saturday. If it's Saturday it must be time for another wedding. Today's wedding is going to be 'okay'. The bride and groom actually live in California and because of the distance we haven't seen them that much and have only done one engagement session in the past year. Their venues are gorgeous so that will be nice but I just don't feel terribly 'connected'. After the wild Sniffle Fest of last weekend that may well be a good thing. I don't know this bride well enough to ask her to hold my knitting du jour, how sad is that? Although I might just to savor the look on her face!

I've been asked if I still feel lonely, if I'm still sad--- the answer is both yes and no. I am not sad, really and truly. I am a firm believer that life is what you make it and I made this life, it is mine and generally each day brings things that please me. Am I still lonely, yes I suppose I am. Here's the thing, I don't have the friends I used to have mostly because I don't have the life I used to have. I do have a collection of friends that I could call anytime I wanted to, hang out with, exchange chit chat, you know. But they're not heart friends, those people that you can tell anything, spill your guts and know that your secrets are safe and cherished. I just need to adapt, and I will!

Sometimes when I'm at a wedding reception, I feel as if I'm looking into the room of happy partying people and that I am the dried bologna in the sandwich! Certainly the only one in the whole wide world that is not dressed up for a special party at a lovely venue, the only one who has to work on a Saturday night wrangling brides and being the go to girl. And absolutely the one that guests must whisper about behind their champagne flutes! Ridiculous! I generally enjoy what I do and I know that I make a difference at the end of the day, all things considered not bad for a days work!

The media is suddenly all atwitter over the phenom--- LAM is the newest buzzword for Lesbian After Marriage. The whole phrase just kind of leaves you sitting in the middle of the road if you ask me! What it has meant for me is not only a new life but putting things together in a new way. Some previous friends walked out of my life leaving me hurt but a lot more things walked in that made me smile. Personally I don't think life is about the labels. It's all about love, it's about the choices you make and how we all are called from our faith traditions to love one another, to respect each other and to value the lives of those around us. Our society has made that tough to do in many respects, knitters generally know how to do it much better!

In the long run I continue to know that people really don't whisper about you behind OR in front of their flutes and if they do, I really don't much care! It's all about love, about respect and about the work of your hands bringing joy and happiness.

What it isn't about right now is FALL! We're all lamenting the fact that fall has fallen away leaving summer in full force. Record breaking heat is on the agenda today with temps near or into the 90's. ACK! My bride will be a bit sticky I think, time to pack the damp paper towels in the cooler!


hapagirl said...


Do you know how brave you are? Starting over after divorce is hard enough. I can't imagine what it would be like to have "friends" walking out on you when you need them the most. You are obviously a kind and giving person who values the people around you. That, my dear, does not go unrewarded.

I hope that you will soon have more of the sunshine that you bring into our lives.

Jenni said...

I hope the wedding goes well today. I am so ready for fall to really get here. The change of seasons us always gives us a chance to renew our perspectives!

Cirilia said...

Hi! I'm just now "meeting" your blog, looking forward to catching up.

I sort of wing it with the cauliflower, I had it at Uno's (yes, the mall pizzeria) during the first big anti-carb craze. I steam the life out of it until it's mashable, then I add a dash of cream or butter, grated asiago and lots of salt and pepper. I I top it with more cheese (I guess it's more of a gratin) and broil it for about 15 minutes. Ugh, disgustingly good!! Probably not that healthy when it's all said and done, but OH WELL.

I've been wanting to try a cheeseless truffle oil version. Maybe today is the day.