Friday, October 5, 2007

Make a Happy Face, Pard'ner!

So, this was me yesterday. We had a senior portrait session out in the boonies, and it was a lovely haul to boonieville and back! I was able to knit away on the sleeve that apparently has no end. Because of the way the mitered square sweater is constructed the sleeve is sort of raglan-ny, so it is longer than the average sweater. Enough already----- I want to move on!

I should have sucked my stomach in a bit harder but honestly I didn't know it was going to be a portrait moment!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, much better the back of my head! Hair looks nasty but you can't see the gut.

I don't like horses and generally don't have a thing to do with them. In all fairness, they are lovely animals just very smart, that is to say they know that I'm terrified of them and they return the favor by showing me no respect. None. I was tossed from a horse ages ago and as the old saying goes, I never got back on. So in the middle of the session yesterday our senior hopped off for more photos and it fell to me to hold the horse. Me. ACK! Mocha gave me that look like, "listen lady, you are just an old wussy booger and I'm going to do whatever I want". And Mocha did exactly that. I didn't mind if she munched on a little grass-- which she did---- but she walked me all over the place.

Me and a horse! Who knew!

Thanks to all who sent emails or made lovely comments about my last post, I appreciate it. I do (big surprise) have more to say on the topic and I'll check in more than likely after a weekend of bride wrangling.

It's hot as blazes here, 90 in October for pete's sake! Tomorrows bride is a bit of a deb so it promises to be one long day.

I'm riding off into the sunset now............


Unknown said...

careful of your toes. horses love to step on toes!

hoping it cools off there. fall is here.

Jenni said...

hot here too!

Horses have no idea how big they are. I like them except when they freak out. They are skittish and that's what scares me.